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Foxearth & Liston Parish Council – 15th July 2017 – Report

The Council met on Saturday 15th July with Cllr. Anthony Clayton in the Chair. There were three local residents present.

Chairman’s update: The Chairman referred to the previous meeting at which it was reported that a Foxearth resident had made a formal complaint to the District Monitoring Officer with regard to the conduct of two councillors who ” have acted in a predeterminant manner and have therefore disqualified themselves from any active participation relating to the consideration of the Stafford Park planning application that is set to come before the Council at its meeting on Saturday 10th June 2017 in contravention of section 25 of the Localism Act”

The Clerk had sought advice from the BDC Monitoring Officer and, given his response, the two councillors were allowed to participate.

The Chairman stated that it would seem that the advice from the Monitoring Officer, Ian Hunt, did not satisfy the resident who immediately after the meeting  reiterated his complaint to Braintree; the Clerk is awaiting a further response from Mr. Hunt.

The Chairman expressed his view that the Council acted in a proper and professional manner with regard to the planning application and listened to all the objections put forward by members of the public at the last meeting before drawing a conclusion. None present offered any positives with regard to this application even when prompted to do so by the Chairman.  The Chairman  now regarded the matter as closed.

Public Participation Session: A resident requested that dog walkers should keep their charges on leads when in the vicinity of  ponies and other livestock to prevent avoidable alarming. It was noted that dog fouling is still occurring and that it is a criminal offence not to remove dog mess from public areas. Cllr. P Cox reminded that he had a supply of poop bags which were freely available.

Attention was drawn to the need for some grass cutting to clear various footpaths.

Planning: No objections were expressed at proposals to (a) replace an existing car port at a residence and (b) carry out tree works at another residence – both in Foxearth.

It was noted that approval had been given to the continuance of structural work including beam cleaning and a change of colour to external walls at another residence in Foxearth.

A decision is awaited on a proposal for a change of use from agricultural to dwelling at a property in Liston.

Next meeting: 9.45am Saturday 9th September 2017 in Foxearth Village Hall


Kenneth Nice, Orchard Cottage, Foxearth

Foxearth Village Fete – 24th June 2017

The sun shone, the people came and the only slightly troublesome factor was the breeze which tried to redistribute the raffle tickets – but compared with the deluge of yesteryear we were blessed! So the annual village fete in the lovely gardens of Hunters Lodge on 24th June was a success from all points of view. From the outset the reliable and expert Melford Silver Band entertained with their varied selections. Sustenance came in the form of a Pimms bar, a burger stall and delicious teas  and ices. A bouncy castle was just one of the attractions in the childrens’ games department and for those wanting a flutter there were tombola and raffle tables. There were stalls for cakes, plants, costume jewellery and craft work . The crossword competition was won by Rosemary Branwhite, Churchwarden at Belchamp Otten and Steven Starling of Great Bentley- a cousin of the compiler; both received their choice of tipple!

The result was a magnificent £1,365 for Parish Church funds . We thank all who helped in the event,  all who came along and we express our sincere appreciation to Louise and Nick for allowing us to invade their home once again.


Ken Nice

Foxearth & Liston Parish Council – AGM Report – 27th May 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the Council was held in Foxearth Village Hall on Saturday 27th May 2017. Apologies for absence were received from Cllr. Tony Clayton, Cllr Corinne Cox and Essex County Cllr. David Finch. Nine local residents were present.

Election of Officers: Chairman – Cllr. Tony CLayton, Vice-Chairman – Cllr. Mark Posen  (and Chairman for the meeting).

Chairman’s update: A planning application has been submitted for the development of Stafford Park – further discussion later in meeting. County Broadband are hopeful that an improved service may be offered to customers at the end of July. The company intend to hold an open meeting in the summer. The Foxearth Church tower is not considered suitable for a booster aerial because of surrounding foliage. Speedwatch is once again in operation but more volunteers are needed -please! Dog fouling is still a problem and dog walkers are reminded that it is a criminal offence not to remove dog mess. Happily the Jubilee oak seems to have revived.

District Council report:  District Cllr. Iona Parker briefly highlighted priority areas including improved recycling services to flats and schools, reduction of litter, energy switching advice, the new local plan, development of businesses, leasing buildings for health services, on line services, support for the Colne Valley Railway Preservation Society  and grants for energy-saving measures such as loft insulation, draught proofing etc.

Public Participation Session: Reference was made to the possibility – raised at the last meeting – of the Stafford Park Working Party being resurrected and a local resident questioned what function this would serve. The Chairman indicated that as a planning application had now been made it would perhaps be appropriate for wider consultation to take place; the difficulty in this respect was that the District Council had set a closing date of 5th June for the receipt of comments. Mr Gordon McPherson – owner of the site -expressed a willingness to discuss his proposals with individuals or at meetings at any time. The Council noted that its previous objection to the original plans was still valid but in view of the numerous changes in the latest application a request should be made to extend the consultation period – which The Clerk would immediately seek. Residents were invited to make any comments on the application to the Parish Council and/or the Braintree District Council.

A resident drew attention to poor visibility at Rodbridge and wondered whether safety would be improved if the right of way was changed giving priority to traffic entering Essex.

It was noted that the bridge at the junction of footpaths 11 and 12 in Foxearth was broken and that the Highways department would be visiting in the near future.

Defibrillator; Council agreed to support an application made by Cllr Posen to the Community Heartbeat Trust for a grant of £2,500 for the provision of a defibrillator.

Next meeting:  15th July 2017

N.B The Clerk has now given notification that an additional meeting of the Council has been called for Saturday 10th June, 9.45am in Foxearth Village Hall - for the purpose of discussing, inter alia, the latest Stafford Park planning application.


Ken Nice