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Further Improvements to Footpaths

We are pleased to inform you that following on from the installation of the new bridges on the footpath that runs between Hall Cottage and Foxearth Hall and across the field, that fences have now been re-aligned and a new gate installed which has allowed for the removal of the stiles.

This means that this popular circular route that runs from the churchyard, up Church path, down left by the field,  across the field where the long horn cattle are and back into the Village is now entirely obstruction free and suitable for anyone who found climbing the stiles difficult.

Footpath Improvements

Some further improvements have been made to the footpath network around Foxearth and Liston. These particular improvements have been made on the popular footpath that leaves the road by Hall Cottage at the Cavendish end of the village and crosses the field behind Foxearth Hall.

Two bridges that had become rotted, dangerous and a safety hazard have been replaced by two new sturdy structures. One stile has also been replaced by a gate. It is hoped that two further stiles will be removed in the near future to provide easier access to this well used circular route. 

New Kissing Gates Installed

As part of the general improvements to our local network, we are pleased to be able to inform residents that two new kissing gates have now been installed on the footpath that  runs from Mill Road and up between Chapel House and Lower Hall. It is now possible to be able to do a circular walk  from Foxearth Village, through the gates, up the field and back down from the top reaches of Claypits Lane with out having to climb a stile.

The gates were installed by Essex County Council with the kind permission of Polly Brand and we thank her for that. As you will have noticed, there have been several improvements to bridges on the network but we are aware that some work still needs to be done.