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Speed-Watch in Foxearth & Liston

Speed-Watch has been in abeyance for the last few months awaiting a re-appraisal of the county wide scheme by Essex police.

That is now complete and we are ready to start again when the weather improves. We have also been guaranteed a small cash component by the Parish Council, a new requirement from the police force. For that we say thank you.

Our main requirement is more volunteers. We have a group of willing helpers but more are always welcome so if you wish to join them in helping make our streets safer, please give me a call – 01787 310130.

I look forward to hearing from some of you.

David Busby

Speed Watch – Foxearth


After a long winter break and some very cold weather we hope to re-start “Speedwatch” again on a regular basis. There is no doubt that a lot of drivers transiting through the village are coming through at unacceptable speeds and this is one way to slow them down.

The demand for the speed guns in the county is high, with over 30 villages on the waiting list, so as far as we are concerned, its a “use it or lose it” situation. In the past, most of the work has been done by a small group of regulars and I shall be contacting them plus those new residents who have expressed an interest. However, the number remains small and if this initiative is important to the village and is to continue, then more volunteers are needed.

Please contact me if you can help, telephone 310130 – the commitment is small, perhaps a couple of hours every couple of weeks but if it improves the quality of life and even saves lives then it is worth doing.

David Busby

Community Speed-Watch

After a long break, we have at last got our speed gun back from Essex Police who have been re-calibrating it. Speed-Watch has been a tremendous success with communities taking up the challenge not only in Essex but in counties all over the country with the result that Association of Chief Police Officer is now deciding to adopt the scheme nationally.

Here in Essex alone some communities have been waiting for a year to be given the equipment so we are very lucky to have been one of the first to be selected to run the scheme and obviously we need to be seen to be active and using the kit.

We are hoping to start Speed-Watch sessions in The Street very soon so are looking for some more volunteers to help out please. Its not onerrous, perhaps an hour a week, once every two or three weeks.

Please give me a call and help make our village safer for all of us.

Many Thanks.

David Busby (310130)