Foxearth & Liston Parish Council – Report of Meeting held on 10th November 2018

A meeting of the Council took place on Saturday 10th November with Cllr. Tony Clayton in the Chair. There were 8 local residents present.

Chairman’s update: With regard to the Liston quiet lane the Chairman had noticed a reduction in traffic speed. In response to a question from the District Council it was agreed not to have the verges cut.

Essex County Council report: Council Leader Cllr David Finch stated that work was proceeding on the budget for 2019/20 with the objective of saving £50m and reducing expenditure to £900m a year. More outside contracts and the renegotiation of some would be considered. One-time grants are available for highway repairs. Thought is being given to further devolvement of some functions and funds to parishes. Essex schools continue to perform above the national average.

District Council report: Cllr Iona Parker confirmed – as recently reported in the press – that the Sudbury by-pass project had been abandoned. The District Council had been selected for a pilot scheme on the production of identifcation at the local elections next May. (It was understood that two items would be required giving rise to some discussion that this would possibly disenfranchise young or elderly people who might not have a driving licence or passport). BDC takes the problem of fly-tipping very seriously and will prosecute offenders. The Council is looking at improving support for people who are lonely by a “Meet up Mondays” initiative.

Housing Needs Survey: The Clerk reported that the RCCE had collated responses to the questionnaire relating to Mr David Fahie’s suggestions for the provision of affordable housing in Foxearth; 38% of households in the village had taken part. An email from Mr Fahie setting out his views on some of the survey’s conclusions was  circulated to councillors.

Public Participation Session: In response to a question about the refurbishment of the Foxearth village sign the  Clerk stated that Mr Steven Binks would undertake the work next April/May. Regarding the Stafford Park development it was enquired whether affordable housing figured in the plan. It was recalled that about two years ago the original proposal included some two-bed houses but there was no information as to the stage that planning has now reached. Concern was raised about neccessary strimming of footpaths and the annual nuisance of leaves on the roads and pavements. The Clerk would contact the EALC about the “Handyman” grant.

Defibrillator: Cllr. Mark Posen reported that this equipment had now been installed and that some familiarization sessions will be held for residents – probably in the New Year.

Fibre Broadband: Cllr Posen said that he had been unable to obtain any latest information from County Broadband about this installation. Road closures had been scheduled for next year but it was apparent that target dates would not be met.

War Memorial: Cllr Corinne Cox – in her role as Secretary of the Parochial Church Council – reported that funds are now secured and a contractor appointed for this repair. Permission for the go-ahead was still awaited from the Diocesan Chancellor.

Tree Warden: The resignation of Mr Alan Fitch from this voluntary position was received and he was thanked for his past service. Attempts would be made to fill the vacancy and anyone interested should contact the Clerk.

Planning: No objections were expressed to applications for tree work in Foxearth, the construction of a storage facility at Foxearth Fisheries and the conversion of a barn and cart lodge to residential use in Liston.

Next meeting: 26th January 2019 at 9.45am in Foxearth Village Hall


Kenneth Nice , Orchard Cottage, Foxearth


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