Report on Foxearth and Liston Parish Council meeting – 25th March 2017

The Council met on 25th March 2017 with Cllr. Tony Clayton in the Chair. Apologies for absence were presented on behalf of Cllrs. W Binks, M Posen and K. Robson and for District Cllr. Iona Parker. There were 5 local residents present.

Chairman’s update: The Chairman understood that there had been a recent meeting at County about the Council’s request for a quiet lane designation at Liston but did not know the outcome. He also reminded that the road through Foxearth would be closed for several days in May for BT work.

In relation to Stafford Park the Chairman reported that the owner of the site had suggested that the special working party formed sometime ago should be reconvened as it was hoped that a planning application would soon be submitted. The working party would need to be reformed as some members were no longer councillors.

Essex County Council report: Leader of the Council Cllr David Finch stated that the biggest single issue concerning the Council at the moment was care of the elderly and the Government is being lobbied for substantial additional funds. Essex has a significantly higher than average population in the 65+ group. Education is also a focus with new schools being built in Colchester and Chelmsford. A new Essex on-line lottery should be launched by Sept/Oct and this will provide charity funding. Two other initiatives were in the pipeline to be in place later in the year; one to encourage parishes to undertake work (verge cutting was given as an example) when funds provided locally would be matched by the County Council; the other would be concerned with the fostering of voluntary groups e.g. help for young mothers.

Public Participation Session: A Foxearth resident outlined her plans for the restoration of a listed house which had been her family home. Some work had already been done without planning consent but discussions were now underway with the Planning Dept and needs had been identified.

The lady explained that this was a project completely new to her – with a vast amount of documentation to read and complete. An offer of help with contacts/paperwork from one councillor was gratefully accepted. The assistance of the District Heritage Officer should also be sought.

Reference was made to overgrowing footpaths and an assurance was given that there were budget funds for this.

Defibrillator: In his absence a report by Cllr. Posen was read explaining that he was working with the Hearthbeat Trust on a submission for Lottery funding to be made hopefully within a week. It was suggested that reconnection of electricity to the telephone box, where the equipment would be kept, should be included in this.

Planning: A notice of intent to carry out tree work at a residence in Foxearth was considered. Tree Warden Alan Fitch had discussed the situation on site and some concern about the level to which a larch would be reduced had been voiced. Council had no objection to the application.

Tree Warden: In a written report attention was drawn to car damage to a tree – which would probably recover. However it appeared that the Jubilee oak tree was dead.

Next meetings:  13th May 10.30am Foxearth Village Hall – Annual Villages Meeting

20th May 10.30am Foxearth Village Hall – Parish Council AGM

Ken Nice

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