Foxearth and Liston Parish Council Meeting – 2nd July 2016

The Chairman gave an update of current matters:

Braintree District Council Local Plan: This has been issued for consultation with a closing date of 19th August 2016. The plan is available on the BDC web site or a hard copy may be requested.

  Fly-tipping: This continues to be a problem and all residents are asked to be vigilant and report any instances>

Proposed nature reserve: An assurance has been given by the Warden that the gates will be locked to prevent access at night.

    Footpaths – grass cutting: There were comments about the overgrown appearance of some of these. Cutting is an ECC responsibility but only one cut a year is provided. Would local volunteers like to help? Cllr. Keith Robson agreed to ascertain the County’s timetable for this work. Local residents may report particular problems to County or Cllr. Robson.

Compliments and Complaints procedure: A reviewed procedure was circulated by Cllr. Mark Posen and adopted.

Review of Email and IT policy: Cllr. Posen reported that this was in progress.

Telecommunications and Broadband provision: Cllr. Posen reported 26 responses to the on-line questionnaire to residents. This showed a wide range of Broadband speeds being obtained with 19 respondents mentioning connection delays; 8 people said that the inadequate service prevented them from working at home. In almost every case people were not getting the speed they were paying for. The findings will be discussed with County Broadband in due course. Enquiries would be made about the access points agreed locally on the church towers in Foxearth and Liston.

Public participation session; This generated one question from the floor about the voice amplification system understood to be installed in the Village Hall but not apparently available.

It was stated that technical difficulties had arisen on the occasion of this meeting but this was expected to be rectified in future.

County and District Council reports: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr, David Finch and Cllr. Iona Parker.

Finance: It was agreed that in future the Clerk’s remuneration would be paid by monthly standing order in the view of the way in which meetings were spaced.

Foxearth Village Oak; In his absence Tree Warden Alan Fitch submitted a report that this tree did not appear to be in good shape; he recommended review in a year’s time and in the meantime undertook to remove dead twigs.

Next meeting: 17th September 2016 10.30am Foxearth Village Hall

Ken Nice

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