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Foxearth and Liston Parish Council – AGM 21st May2016 – Report.

The Annual Meeting of the Council was held on 21st May at 10.30am in Foxearth Village Hall in the presence of all six councillors and 16 members of the public.

Appointments: Unanimously elected were Chairman – Cllr. Tony Clayton, Vice-Chairman – Cllr. Mark Posen, Appointments and Employment Committee – Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Cllr William Binks.

Chairman’s report: The retiring Chairman, Cllr Corinne Cox, gave an update of current matters:

    Flooding in Foxearth: the ECC Highways scheme to provide a new surface water drain along       the north side of Mill Road, The Street and Glebeside is out to tender and will be completed before September when road resurfacing is due.

Street lighting in Claypits: Obstructive branches have been removed but repair of the lamp is awaited.

     Local Plan: BDC Planning Committee will consider on 25th May. Following new information about Rural Exception Sites, members considered that the decision made at the last meeting to accept an extension to the Foxearth Village envelope had been based upon a misunderstanding and it was now agreed to oppose such an extension.

Speedwatch:  New coordinators – Steve and Mel Ledgerton – have volunteered to organise this monitoring activity.

Defibrillator: The Foxearth Village Hall Trust is considering the possible location of this equipment and, if agreed, Council will consider funding.

     Cllr. Mrs Cox was thanked for her work as Chairman during the past year.

Public participation session: Concern was expressed about the untidy state of the grass around the village sign.

District Council report; District Cllr Iona Parker discussed the Local Plan and said that there were no sites for development in Foxearth or Liston.  New housing was likely to be in the Witham/Braintree area. Any possible development at Stafford Park -on which there was no new information – would arise through the normal planning process. Cllr Parker drew attention  to the “on demand” bus service now operating and mentioned the possibility of a minor grants scheme, to be applied  at the discretion of individual District Councillors, being available later in the year.

Telecommunications and Broadband: Cllr Posen explained that in order to assess the level of service in the community an online survey was being conducted. Hard copy of the form is available on request.

Liston – Quiet Lane . The Chairman said that it was hoped that funding for this would be provided in 2017/18.

Complaints: Agreed that a procedure for dealing with complaints would be produced.

Planning: A proposal to improve access, resurface a parking area and provide storage ancillary to the retention of land as a nature reserve in Foxearth was explained. Some reservations were voiced about access and control during the night but no objections to the principle were expressed.

No objections were raised concerning an application  for a single storey extension and two holiday lets at a property in Liston.

Parish Tree Warden : Alan Fitch reported that the Jubilee Tree now appeared to be thriving. Ragwort had been identified in part of Foxearth. In connection with the possible need for Tree Preservation Orders he offered to survey the area and make recommendations.

Next meeting: 2nd July 2016 10.30am Foxearth Village Hall


Annual Electors/Residents meeting: At this point in the proceedings (12.40pm) the business turned to this annual meeting advertised  to begin at 11.30am. Public attendance had dwindled to 3 and it was agreed that in future this important meeting would take place immediately after the Annual Parish Council meeting which would not be  a general business meeting.

Chairman’s Review of the Year: In addition to items referred to at the previous meeting Cllr Corinne Cox explained that at the 2015 poll only three councillors had been elected and the three remaining seats had been filled by co-option. A review of policies and standing orders is in progress.

Hastoe Housing Association: Mr John LeFerve, a representative of this organisation ,explained the range of services it offered in the development of housing for both rental and purchase. The association presently manages over 7,000 homes in over 70 local authority areas and – working with local authorities-  seeks innovative solutions to housing issues, supporting rural communities and environmental sustainability. It has current schemes in Clare and Lavenham and would be happy to show its sites to interested local people. Mr LeFerve was thanked for his presentation.

Ken Nice