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Foxearth and Liston Parish Council – Agenda – Meeting 21st November 2015

You are invited  to attend the forthcoming meeting of Foxearth & Liston Parish Council to be held at Foxearth Village Hall at 10.30am on Saturday 21st. November 2015 for the purpose of transacting the business ONLY shown on the Agenda

Kevin B. Money
Clerk to the Council – 13th. November 2015 Tel: 01376 521616

The Press and Public are welcome to attend



15/79  Chairman welcome

15/80  To Ratify the co-option of Richard Morris onto the Council

15/81  Apologies for Absence

15/82  Declaration of Interest

To declare any Disclosable Pecuniary, Pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda

15/83  To approve the Minutes of the last meeting of Foxearth & Liston Parish Council.

To receive and agree the minutes held on Saturday 19th. September 2015

15/84  Chairman’s report and update

15/85  Highways report from the Chairman

15/86  Flooding update given by the Chairman

15/87  Clerk report –

a. Complaint received from Mr. Clive Waite

b. BDC – Local Plan for Foxearth & Liston

15/88  Public Participation Session – The Chairman will invite questions and observations from members of the public present.

A maximum time of 15 minutes will be allowed

15/89  Essex County Councillors report

15/90  District Councillors report

15/91  Planning Applications

15/00068/NMA – Tuckers Mill Road Foxearth CO10 7JFApplication for a non-material amendment relating to approved application 15/00766/FUL -

Proposed demolition of existing bungalow and erection of a replacement dwelling – Amendment to roof from flat roof to pitch roof 15/00351/TPOCON – Lower Hall Mill Road Foxearth CO10 7JF

    1. Notice of intent to carry out works to trees in a Conservation Area – Remove 2 larger lower branches from 1 Ash and 1 branch affecting the small newly planted Beech tree, Fell to ground level another Ash tree, Reduce the longer untidy branches from 1 Beech by 4-5 metres, raise the crown by 1 metre and remove 1 lower branch over the border and reduce the height by approx. 2 metres to shape Decision on Planning Application/s
    2. 15/01003/LBC & 15/01002/FUL – Park Farm Foxearth Road Liston CO10 7HT – Change of use of listed barn to residential dwelling with associated access, garaging/parking and amenity space – Application GRANTED


    15/92 Grant application/s received by the Clerk

    15/93 Finance
    Credit Received – 25.09.15 2nd. Instalment of BDC precept £3201.00p

    Chq 773 Kevin Money Clerk Salary September / October ’15 £379.44p

    Chq 774 HMRC Tax September / October ’15 £89.80p
    Chq 775 A&J Lighting Solutions £126.00p
    Chq 776 K. B. Money Clerk Expenses £14.48p
    Total amount of cheques above £609.72p
    Bank balance as at 31.10.15 £5,989.56p
    Bank Balance after above cheques £5,379.84p

    15/94  Approval of Budget & Precept for 2016/17 – To be agreed by Councillors

    15/95  Parish Tree Warden – To agree additional responsibilities

    15/96  Re-naming of private road and provision of name plate

    15/97  Review of current F&L email and IT policy – Update by Cllr Posen

    15/98  Review of improving telecommunications and broadband in F&L – Update by Cllr Posen

    15/99 Date of next meeting/s
    23.01.16 : 19.03.16 : 21.05.16 AGM on Saturday at 10.30am

Warning – Unlicensed Pedlars

Unlicensed pedlars – Clare – Friday am
Two pedlars with no licence, just amateur ID cards, calling in Nethergate Street, Clare, heading towards Ashen Road, late Friday morning.  Householder did not report to 101 as urgent appointment elsewhere.

If they call on you, please be sure to report to 101 as it is illegal to sell goods door-to-door without a pedlar’s licence and the police will try to intercept.