Foxearth & Liston Parish Council- Report of meeting held 19th September 2015

There was a meeting of the Parish Council for Foxearth an Liston on 19th September with Cllr. Mrs Corinne Cox presiding and 7 local residents in attendance.

Co-opted councillors: The Clerk, Kevin Money, reported that until relevant contact details were made known it was not possible for the Council to ratify the co-option of Mr Richard Morris.

Chairman’s comments:

Flooding in Foxearth:  the Chairman reported that ECC would begin another survey of the culvert on 21st September and all being well a liner would be fitted to improve the flow situation.

Potholes: as agreed at the last meeting Cllr. P Cox had examined road conditions in this respect and reported to the Highways Dept.

Hearing loop: this is due to be installed in the Village Hall on 26th October.

Verge cutting: to be commenced on 21st October.

Street lighting: substantial work is needed on tree overgrowth obscuring a lamp in Claypits which the Clerk will follow up.

Tree work: The Chairman undertook to consult the Housing Association with regard to tree works required on its land.

Public Question Time:

Mrs Pat James – It was noted with sadness that Mrs James – a long-time and greatly respected resident of Foxearth had died on 16th September. Her funeral would be at 11.30am on 1st October in Foxearth Church.

Footpaths – attention was drawn to a slippery bridge and overgrowth on footpaths which Cllr.Robson, in his role as footpath representative, would examine.

Dissolution of Foxearth/Liston grouping order: It was noted that Braintree District Council had refused this application

District Council Report: District Councillor Iona Parker had apologised for non-attendance. The Clerk read her report dealing principally with severe pressures the Council face on the budget and the likelihood of significant service cuts being neccessary in the Autumn review, the progress  of the development plan and the identification of housing sites and employment opportunities, the acceptance of a limited number of Syrian refugees and the launching of a business growth loan fund.

Stafford Park: It was reported that the planning application is due to be considered by Braintree DC in early November.

Planning matters: No objections were expressed to proposed tree works at a private residence inFoxearth. With regard to an application for a change of use of a listed barn to residential accommodation concern was voiced about access and the effect on nearby footpaths.

Private road in Foxearth: a request was received for the “renaming” of a road which apparently   h  has  no official name but is locally referred to as “Rectory Lane/road” or “Orchard lane”. To be considered after the road’s residents have been consulted.

Tree Warden:  Mr Fitch had asked that his role be extended to include flora and fauna. The Chairman agreed to establish with him exactly what this larger role would encompass and involve.

Broadband; Agreed to set up a working party to look at ways of improving internet access and telecommunications in Foxearth and Liston; Cllrs.Posen and Robson to lead with the former to draft terms of reference.

Email and Information Technology policy: A working party to be established review and revise existing policy respecting email, website, document depository etc.

Internal Auditor: Agreed Mr Len Young to act for 2015/16 accounts.

Grants for 2016/17: All local groups and organisations are asked to note that applications  for grants in the next financial year must be made to The Clerk by 31st October for consideration at the next meeting of the Council. 

Next Meeting: 21st November 2015 at 10.30am in Foxearth Village Hall

Ken Nice

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