Parish Council Meeting – 27th June. Agenda.

Item Subject
15/41 Election of New Chairman
15/42 New Councillors to sign Members Register of Interests
15/43 New Councillors to sign Declaration of Acceptance of Office
15/44 Election of New Vice-Chairman
15/45 Co-option of Councillor/s – “Acceptance of Office” & “Declaration of Interest” forms to be signed by co-opted members
15/46 Resignation letter from Hannah Griffiths – Clerk to F&L 

To appoint Kevin. B. Money from temporary to permanent Clerk to F&L

15/47 Election of Appointments & Employment committee
15/48 Flood Relief working party: to continue and elect its members or to disband.
15/49 Stafford Park working party: to continue and elect its members or to disband
15/50 Jt. Committee: to continue and elect its members or to disband
15/51 Declarations of interest and compliance with Ethical Framework
15/52 Approval and signature of the minutes of the Council meeting held on Thursday 26th. March 2015
15/53 Formal adoption of the revised “Code of Conduct” for Foxearth & Liston Council – already circulated to Councillors
15/54 Public Question Time

Please note – there is up to 15 minutes allocated for this item.

15/55 Dissolution of the Foxearth and Liston Grouping Order 1976 – update given by Clerk
15/56 District Councillor’s Report – if in attendance
15/57 County Councillor’s Report – if in attendance


Planning Applications:

10 The Chase Foxearth CO10 7LD

Application and plans to carry out work on trees affected by the Tree Preservation Order


Stafford Park Liston Road Liston Essex CO10 7HU

15/00565/OUT – Outline planning application (with all matters reserved except for access) for the proposed development of up to 100 dwellings and the change of use of existing buildings to create up to 22 apartments and a community centre, to enable the remediation of the adjoining licensed landfill site to the north. Proposals to also include the demolition of the other existing buildings, associated works to remediate the land on the application site, flood attenuation measures, reinstatement of the River Stour to include the removal of the sluice gate and the creation of a series of rock riffle weirs and associated infrastructure improvements, landscaping and provision of public open space

15/59 Financial Matters

To note the accounting statement and authorise cheques for payment.

Chq. 754 Salary payment to Clerk £410.13 (Mar-April) 

Chq. 755 HMRC £97.40 (Mar-Apr)

Chq. 756 EALC/NALC Subscription £89.14

Chq. 757 Mr. L. Young Auditor £50.00

Chq. 758 Zurich Insurance for 2015-16 of £243.80p

Chq. 759 Salary payment to Clerk £481.46p (May-June)

Chq. 760 HMRC £115.40p (May-June)

Chq. 761 Clerk expenses January – May 2015 £122.74

15/60 Consideration, approval and completion of Annual return ending 31.03.15 before being despatched to external auditor
15/61 Street Cleaning Agreement 2015/16 – already sent to BDC
15/62 Date of next meeting/s – 11.07.15 Residents meeting

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