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Foxearth & Liston Parish Council – Report of meeting 26th March 2015

The Parish Council for Foxearth and Liston held its last meeting, before the general and local elections, on 26th March in Foxearth Village Hall. All 6 councillors were present – Cllr Waite presiding – together with 8 members of the public. Apologies were received on behalf of District Councillor Julian Swift. Main topics discussed were:

Dissolution of the Foxearth and Liston grouping order: The temporary Clerk reported that the first round of consultations on this had been completed and further consultations would take place after the elections.

Recordings at meetings: A paper was presented setting out the right of individuals to record and film council meetings as established under the openness of Local Government Regulations 2014. Council approved  an appropriate amendment to Standing Orders. Certain conditions have to be met and anyone intending to record proceedings is advised to discuss precise requirements with the Clerk beforehand.

County Council Report; In the absence of County Councillor David Finch it was  noted that the County’s parish update appears on the Parish Council’s web site document depository.

Finance: The Chairman reported that several comments had been made about the increase in the Council’s precept for 2015/16. Main reasons for this were the provisions for elections expenses and the Clerk’s training.

Speed through Liston: Cllr, Clayton reported  County intended to experiment with “quiet lane” schemes and it was hoped that Liston would be included in these trials.

Broadband: The temporary Clerk reported that County Broadband hoped to have their updated service completed by June/July.

Complaints procedure: On the basis that consultation may aid the resolution of a problem Cllr. St John Howe moved that any member proposing to make a complaint  about another councillor to the Braintree  DC monitoring officer should give notice of this intention to the Parish Council. The Clerk read legal advice received from District that anyone has a right to approach the monitoring officer; the motion was not approved. Council agreed that its complaints procedure should be reviewed and that its email address must not be used for the furtherance of personal attacks.

Planning: No new applications to consider. The Clerk explained that the Council would be dissolved from 28th March until after the elections on May 5th when a new council would be formed. However  the “grapevine” has it that an application in respect of Stafford Park may be made shortly in which case it would be legitimate for the Chairman to call a single-agenda-item meeting  within this period to allow consultation with interested parties.

Highways: The Chairman stated that he had corresponded with County Highways regarding flooding and potholes. Attention was drawn to an apparently abandoned and damaged car which would be reported to the police.

Next meeting: 21st May – first meeting of new council when Chairman and Vice-Chairman will be elected followed by AGM.

Ken Nice