Volunteers Urgently Needed.

MC 003After thirteen years of service, which has included overseeing an almost complete re-furbishment of the Hall, three officers of the Foxearth Village Hall Charitable Trust, otherwise known as the Hall Committee, have decided to resign from their positions and also leave the committee in 2015.

The three are Roger Messer – Chair; Mary Waite – Bookings Secretary, both of whom are resigning at the end of February and David Busby – Treasurer who is resigning with effect from 1st January 2015. David will “caretake” his role to enable handover until the end of February but will not be a trustee or committee member.

Their decision  now urgently necessitates the recruitment of a minimum of three new members to the committee to step up to join the three remaining members in continuing to take the Village Hall forward and preserve its important place in Village life. At the very least, it is time anyway for some new blood with fresh ideas to join the remaining members of the committee. The committee meets about five times a year.

It is also important and vital to realise that under the terms of the Trust deed, the Hall will not be able to function without a viable committee, (minimum quorum is four members) and therefore the very existence of the Hall could be at risk if volunteers do not come forward to replace the retirees either in their positions as officers  or as members of the committee.

Anyone who feels they can make this valuable contribution to Village life please contact Angela Pacey, Secretary on 01787 310776.


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