Report of Foxearth & Liston Parish Council Meeting – 7th October 2014

There was a meeting of the Parish Council for Foxearth and Liston on 7th October 2014. Cllr Clive Waite was in the chair and about 28 local residents attended.

Flood management: The Chairman reported that following further surveys County had suggested inserting a 600mm liner into the culvert and this would be done in 2015/16. There were complications because of the narrowness of the access point and the fact that there are several run-offs into the culvert at various places. However this seemed to be the best interim solution while work continued to plan for an adequate drain replacement system.

Solar Farm at Belchamp St Pauls: This is an on-going matter as an appeal has been lodged against Braintree District Council’s rejection of the original application.

Liston Residents Association: It was reported for information that the Association had made an application for the Foxearth and Liston Grouping Order of 1976 to be dissolved and that a decision would be made by Braintree D C after local consultation. In response to a question it was stated that the Association’s reason had been set out in a notice on the web site and in the Parish News. A local resident took issue with the Association’s view that Foxearth residents would “in no way be affected” by a development at Stafford Park; on the contrary a large housing development with the increased traffic it would bring would be very noticeable in the adjoining community and it was essential that any such application must include consultation in the whole area.

[At this point simmering arguments between some members of the Council became acrimonious and protracted. These concerned the power of the Chairman to issue statements and publish reports without matters being considered and authorised by the Council and correspondence involving the Chairman of the Village Hall Charitable Trust. There is neither inclination nor space to attempt to set out these lengthy exchanges more fully and indeed, since the settlement of the issues may not be possible within the Council, it would probably not be appropriate]

 Audibility: A microphone system was in use for the meeting. On behalf of the Village Hall Trust Cllr Busby stated that “Action for Hearing” had reviewed the situation in the Hall in September following which a specification and estimate had been accepted at the Trust’s last meeting. The cost was approx. £2,000 for which funding would be sought.

District Council Report: Cllr. Julian Swift  said that he would be meeting the Police and Crime Commissioner later this month and that anyone with local policing concerns should contact him as soon as possible. Cllr. Swift stated that he would not be standing at the 2015 elections and he hoped that constituents would give the new candidate – Iona Parker – the same support that he had enjoyed.

 Planning: (a) Stafford Park – It was noted that Braintree DC had been asked for a scoping opinion on a proposal to build up to 100 residential units, a community centre, retirement apartments and work units.

(b) Foxearth Fisheries – Erection of a stabling block and associated facilities. No objection had been expressed by the Parish Council provided that there is satisfactory waste management. This application is under consideration by Braintree DC.

(c)    Liston – An application for a change of use from residential to holiday-let  at a private dwelling was under consideration by BDC.

(d)   Liston – The erection of a single storey side extension at a private dwelling had been approved by BDC

Highways: The cleaning and repair of village signs in Liston had been agreed. It was noted that an inconclusive answer to an enquiry about the possibility of a speed limit through Liston had been given by the County Council.

Next Meeting: 10th December 7.30pm in Foxearth Village Hall

Ken Nice

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