Pentlow Film Club – October 2014

Film ReelThis month we decided on a real classic: The Maltese Falcon. This was John Huston’s first film as Director, in 1941, and it remains, I think, one of the best thrillers of all. The film also gives a defining role to Humphrey Bogart, as the kind of private eye made even more famous by Raymond Chandler: the cynical, on the ball, knight-errant investigator never fooled by mere beauty or charm. He was the heart of the film, but the Fat Man was also a joy, as was the odd, international man about something, called Cairo. Nancy Astor also did a good job as the very dodgy heroine who had such trouble with the truth. We loved it.

Like any great film it has not faded with age, and I felt its age showed in one aspect only, in that compared with American film thrillers today it was almost innocent, even sweet. It was an age when being a gentleman still meant something, which, in the context, is a very quaint thought.

A good solid audience turned up to see and enjoy the film. Our next showing is on Friday 14 November, so do come and enjoy it.

Isobel Clark


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