Foxearth Harvest Supper – 4th October 2014

A veritable feast was enjoyed on Saturday evening 4th October, when around 60 villagers & friends gathered for the Annual Harvest Supper in Foxearth Village Hall.

Rev.Margaret King opened the proceedings with Grace and culinary delights, provided by Val, Pat, Fiona, Lorna, Mary and the two Jackies, were then enjoyed in candlelit ambience (thanks to the efforts of Mary, Clive, Phil, David & Ian earlier in the day). A ‘Meals on Foot’ service was operated by Val for a number of villagers who were unable to attend due to illness. Barmen Mally & Phil ensured that vocal chords were kept well oiled!

Derek Hall provided superb musical accompaniment before, during & after the meal and a Raffle & ‘Heads & Tails’ game completed an enjoyable evening.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, £703.50p was raised for Foxearth Church.

Phil Cox (Churchwarden)


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