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Pentlow Film Club – September 2014

Film ReelThis season, our eighth journey through film, began with a naughty comedy: Saving Grace,the story of how a widow left penniless by a husband who did not have a gift for making money turned her fortunes around by means of her own great gift as a gardener. The film tells of what she grew, how she grew it, with whose help and of the community around her in a Cornish village who turned a blind eye out of pure kindness, and of how nobody ever got into trouble.

The widow, Grace, was played by a young-ish and glamorous Brenda Blethyn with great aplomb, and a lack of any kind of guilt or anxiety that was astonishing in the circumstances. It was really a fairytale, where all the good people get rewarded and the bad get their come-uppance, more or less, with a great many laughs along the way. Solicitors are kind, doctors are very accommodating, policemen are blind, drug barons  are pussy cats or clowns, fisher girls are beautiful, old ladies are good with handbags, vicars are innocent, and all played by well-known actors that it was fun to recognise. Everyone lived happily ever after, and the audience loved it.

Later in the season we see Brenda Blethyn again, in a very different role, in a much darker film. In the meantime, our next date is 17 October, at the usual time, so do come and be welcome.

Isobel Clark

Burglaries Reported in Foxearth

Dear Resident,
Please be advised that Essex Police have reported a robbery at a property in Mill Road.  Apparently, it was discovered this afternoon but seems to have taken place sometime last week.  We believe that there has been one or possibly two other similar incidents at two properties on Huntsmans Lane at around the same time so this may be multiple burglaries carried out by the same perpetrator(s).
Burglaries such as these are mercifully rare in the Foxearth & Liston parishes but they do happen from time to time.
Please take extra care in securing your property including windows and any outbuildings if you have them and report any suspicious activity to the police.
Foxearth & Liston Parish Council

Liston Applies to Separate from Foxearth

The residents of the Parish of Liston have formally applied to Braintree District Council to dissolve the “Grouping Order, 1976” joining the Parish of Liston to the Parish of Foxearth.

This decision was reached at a meeting of the Liston Residents Association and follows their growing concerns regarding the breakdown of trust between the villagers of Liston and some members of the Foxearth and Liston Parish Council who promote a housing development on the Stafford Park site in Liston.

Liston residents find it intolerable that the future of their community is being determined by a small group from a neighbouring village, whose lives will in no way be affected by any redevelopment of the Stafford Park site, whereas the quality of life of those in Liston would be seriously disrupted by the proposed development (which would increase the size of the village from 23 to about 150 dwellings) on a site that is deemed to be unsuitable for housing by our District Council Planning Officers.

In the interest of good governance, we have therefore applied to regain control of the future of our village.

Allan Binks


Liston Residents Association