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Planning Application 13/00832/FUL : Appeal against decision to Refuse

In the matter of planning application 13/00832/FUL for a solar farm at Big Deere Lodge, Bechamp St Paul, the applicant, Sovereign Partners, has now filed an appeal agains the LPA’s decision to refuse this application.

The Upper Stour Valley Renewable Energy Joint Committee will soon be meeting to consider how to respond including a possible submission to the Planning Inspectorate as an “Interested Party”. You can contact the Joint Committee by writing to the chairman at

If you are interested in commenting on this appeal you can do so by writing to the Planning Inspectorate as an “Interested Person” either by email or letter but you must do so such that your comments arrive by 29 July 2014. More information can be found here.

The relevant appeal documentation can be found on the Braintree District Council Planning Portal website here. Enter the application number above in the box provided and then click on the Documents tab.

The Planning Inspector will consider the case based on the arguments presented in these documents so you should consider focusing your comments as responses to these arguments.


The Upper Stour Valley Renewable Energy Joint Committee

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The Cello Pilgrimage to Foxearth Church

Crochets & QuaversOrlando Jopling’s reputation as a ‘cellist of international stature and distinction was convincingly demonstrated when he played in Foxearth Church on Saturday 14th June 2014. This concert was part of his pilgrimage to raise funds for the restoration of rural churches and was the 110th in the series which has raised in excess of £70,000 so far. In addition to commitments as an orchestral conductor, Orlando is booked for months ahead for similar pilgrimage concerts all over the United Kingdom.

This recital consisted of three of J S Bach’s Suites for solo cello and Orlando’s beautiful tone, elegant phrasing and superb technique charmed a full-church audience who accorded him rapturous applause and demands for encores – which he duly provided. Orlando  introduced the music describing the differing characteristics of each suite; the last one he played was written for a five-stringed instrument which demanded – and got – great virtuosity from this master of the modern instrument.

Delicious refreshments and wine were served in the interval, for which we thank those who spent time in their kitchens.We also appreciate the generosity of Louise and Nick for providing overnight hospitality for Orlando – and Corinne for her sterling work on the publicity and printing side. At the time of writing the exact amount raised for the Church’s restoration fund is not known but thought to be over £400. A memorable evening with a wonderful result!

Ken Nice