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Pentlow Film Club – 14th March

Film ReelThis month we showed an Italian part-documentary, Caesar Must Die, directed by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani in 2013. At the time of choosing it we had not realised that we would be showing it on the eve of the Ides of March. That added an extra spice to a beautiful film.

Beginning and ending with the death of Brutus, the film is an account of a theatre project by which the prisoners of a high security wing in the Rebibbia prison in Rome act a production of Julius Caesar. We see parts of the actual production, and the process of rehearsal leading up to it. All the actors are lifers for Mafia crime, and the play is to them a mirror of their lives of loyalty, betrayal and power.

The Directors have made a film where several worlds meet and melt in to one another to create something greater than the sum of parts: the world of classical Rome, and of modern Rome, of the prison corridors and cells, of the play, the poetry, and of the men’s lives who are for the time involved in it and who meet Shakespeare as someone who speaks to them of themselves, in spite of being a dead foreigner. The actors become utterly engaged in the play as it becomes real to them; Shakespeare’s world of power games no different from their own. The film ends with each actor being led back to his cell after the triumph of the audience ovation, and left alone and yet so very changed.

Our next film is on 11 April, so I hope to see you there.

Isobel Clark

Foxearth & District Local History Society AGM

The 15th Annual general Meeting of the District Society was held in Foxearth Village Hall on 11th March. Sixteen members assembled for a cheese and wine reception before getting down to the business.

The President Ashley Cooper, Chairman Alan Fitch, Treasurer John Geddes, Secretary Claire Mathieson and the Committee were re-elected en bloc and the Chairman thanked the officers and members who helped in various ways for their efforts. The President paid tribute to Alan for his leadership of the Society.

The Treasurer presented the financial report for the year ended 28th February 2014 noting a slightly larger loss than on last year’s activities; significant in this was an increase in speakers’ expenses and a small drop in membership. A successful application had been made to the Parish Council and a grant of £350 would be forthcoming in 2014/15. It was agreed that the annual membership subscription would remain at £10.

There was considerable discussion about the lack of members attending meetings as 2014 had seen a depressing start with only 9 and 14 present at the first two talks. As well as attempting to enrol new members from the four villages it was clearly important to arrange attractive programmes and in this respect the President suggested that more archive film evenings would bear fruit. He explained his experience with the Bulmer Society where less frequent meetings drew in people from outside that village. One member suggested that the January meeting should be abandoned and that consideration might be given to hold the “Christmas” dinner in that month to avoid a clash with other events in December. The President referred to the pioneering work done by Tom Hastie – who died in February 2012 – in researching so much local historical material and suggested as a memorial to Tom a compilation of his articles should be published under the aegis of the Society and for which money was available in the book fund. The Committee will consider all of these suggestions.

The Chairman reminded members of the visit on May 13th to the Abbey Mills Pumping Station at Stratford.  This impressive building, which is not normally open to the public, has been described as the Cathedral of Sewage. It was designed by Sir Joseph Bazalgette, the London engineer credited with saving thousands of lives through his modernising work on the London sewers. Members should make their own transport arrangements and please let either the Chairman or Secretary know that they will be attending and whether help is needed with transport.

The evening ended with an identity quiz of early personal photographs which members had brought along and which was won by Jackie by several heads!

Next meeting: 8th April 7.30pm in Foxearth Village Hall when the president will speak about  Local Travels with a Tape Recorder.

Ken Nice

New Community email Information Service


Serving the communities of Foxearth & Liston


Dear Resident,

Concerned at the recent withdrawal of the email Information Service this is to let you know that the Foxearth Village Hall Charitable Trust has decided to extend its highly successful community website service by providing its own Community email Information Service. It is clear that there is a high demand for this popular facility and the Trust is keen to help.

The service will commence as soon as the necessary arrangements have been put into place (anticipated to be early April). Contributors will be able to forward copy to a single email address in order to have them both displayed on the community website and/or forwarded to residents’ email accounts. So, whether you are responsible for a local organisation promoting an event or looking to impart pertinent information or a resident wanting to get the word out, it’s never going to be easier.

As is the case with the Foxearth and Liston Community website, ownership and editorial responsibility of the Information Service will reside with the Trust. As you are aware, the website has several pages including a Parish Council page for Parish business and a Community page – we see this Information Service as an adjunct and natural extension of our website service in keeping Foxearth and Liston well informed.

If you want to enrol into the service, please forward an email  to and put the word “enrol” in the Subject line. You will soon receive an email advising you that the service is up and running and that you may start submitting contributions or sit back to receive information as before.

If you think you know someone who would like to enrol please ask them to send an e mail to and put the word “enrol” in the Subject line.

If you do not want to enrol, thank you for reading this and we wish you well.

Kindest regards

Foxearth Village Hall Charitable Trust


(Registered Charity No. 301303)

Trustees: Chairman – Roger Messer; Treasurer – David Busby; Secretary – Angela Pacey,  Bookings Secretary – Mary Waite; Robert Waller,

Valerie Hastie, Rebecca Fitzgerald, Lorna White