Pentlow Film Club – February 2014

Film ReelThis month, in the face of rain and gales, we showed a bright and jolly film set in Ireland (though shot in the Isle of Man), the story of a lottery winner who dies of shock before the money is safely gathered in. In the remote west of Ireland the village, i.e. Jacky and Michael, consider what is to be done about this, since it is a shame to lose nearly seven million pounds merely because the winner, Ned, is dead. So Michael, alias Ned, with the help of Jacky his friend, impersonates the dead Ned to the proper authorities who arrive from Dublin by helicopter and convinces them with the connivance of the rest of the village – 52 people in all – though there is a close call at the funeral. But there is a villain: a Grumpy Old Woman on a motorised scooter – what a friend of mine used to call a ‘flying hairpin’. She realises that if a fraudulent claim is reported to the Lottery, she can claim one tenth of the money, which is better than one fiftieth. So she goes to work, and in spite of her scooter batteries giving out on the road, reaches the telephone box and nearly gets through to the authorities. But of course it all ends happily in a joyous Irish party, or perhaps I should say wake. A lovely romp for a dark February.

Also, there is a summer festival this year, three films on the subject of journeys on the Friday and Saturday of 13th June. The details are available to anyone who contacts me. These films, and the food to go with them, are free of charge, though we would like to know numbers, as a gift to the loyal audience, members and guests, without whom we could hardly exist.

Isobel Clark

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