Pentlow Film Club

January 2014

Film ReelUnlike last year, the weather allowed us to show our film, and we cheered up the winter and the post Christmas anti-climax with the old film of Guys and Dolls, all colour, singing, dancing and criminality. It was a near capacity house, and it worked, as the audience applauded at the end and obviously had a good time.

Everyone knew all the songs, but it was fun to see them in their context, sung by a young Frank Sinatra and an even younger Marlon Brando, and to see again the wonderful scene of the crap game in the sewers. People coming out to see it, and enjoying it so much made it all the more strange that it was so difficult to obtain as a DVD; it was not at all easily available. However, once obtained, it was very much enjoyed.

Our next is on 14 February, so come and enjoy a bit of Irish mischief with us.

Isobel Clark

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