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Foxearth 100 Club – December 2013 Draw

1st Prize            Pat James

2nd Prize            Victoria Jackson

3rd  Prize            Vivian Hastie

4th Prize             Tony Crane

Thank you for your support.

Report on Foxearth & Liston Parish Council Meeting – 11th December 2013



The Parish Council for Foxearth and Liston met on 11th December with Cllr. Clive Waite in the Chair. There were eight members of the public present. The following principal matters were discussed.

Broadband reception; A local resident noted that County Broadband had operated locally for sometime now and suggested that new technology available might allow some upgrading to improve the service. The Chairman said that he had this under consideration and he would clarify the situation and inform people. Cllr. Corinne Cox reported that the Parochial Church Council would consider a request from County Broadband to allow an aerial on the church tower.

Council meetings: A councillor referred to previous representations he had made that it was often hard to hear what was being said at meetings and he felt that it was time that something was done about it. He also asked why he had not received some agenda documents. It was agreed that both of these matters would be on the agenda for the next meeting. With regard to audibility Cllr. David Finch, Leader of the Essex County Council explained the system in use there which allowed one person to speak at a time (amplified) with the Chair exercising electronic button control. He suggested that an application be made to the Community Initiative Fund for funding.

Rural bus services: In reply to a question from the floor Cllr. Finch stated that these were under review.

County Council report: Cllr. Finch explained that County had been asked to make savings of £230million in the next three years and was striving to save £93m in 2014/15. Consultation was being arranged with the various services to be affected. The situation regarding Council Tax in the next year was uncertain. The Local Government Association had requested HM Government to make settlements known to local authorities for more than one year – as at present – to assist their financial planning; County had supported this request. Following examples set by parish councils, future County meetings would include a Public Question Time session.

Precept 2014/2015: Grants in the next financial year were agreed as follows:

Foxearth Village Hall Charitable Trust……. £1,300

Foxearth Parochial Church Council………..       600

Liston Church Appeal………………………      200

District Local History Society………………     350

Pebbles Pre School…………………………      100

Total…………………………………………  2,550

Clerk to the Council : An interview for this post was imminent

Solar farms: The Chairman reported that, in considering the applications, the committee established by the four parishes concerned had identified possible breaches in the planning regulations and had made appropriate representations to the District Council.

A document entitled “Safeguard our Soils Mr Pickles” had been endorsed by the four-parishes committee and was signed on behalf of the Parish Council.

Planning application: No objection was expressed in connection with a proposal to erect a two-bay cart lodge at a private dwelling in Foxearth

Public rights of way: Changes to footpaths were explained including the removal of a redundant one.

Next meeting:19th February 2014

Notice of Meeting of Foxearth & Liston Parish Council

A meeting of the council will take place on 11th December 2013 at 7:30pm at Foxearth Village Hall.

Please find an agenda for the meeting here.

Foxearth & Liston Parish Council