Report of Parish Council Meeting – 30th October 2013

A meeting of the Council for Foxearth and Liston was held in Foxearth Village Hall on Wednesday 30th October 2013 and about 12 local residents attended. Principal matters discussed were:

Highways: The Local Highways Panel had turned down a request for a 20mph speed limit through Liston. An application for a 30mph limit would now be made.

Attention was drawn to a road pothole and to footpath signs requiring repairs.

Finance: The Clerk reported that this year’s expenditure was proceeding within the budget and there were no matters of concern. Regarding the budget for 2014/15 – which would need to be approved at the next meeting – a councillor suggested that consideration be given to the provision of some speech amplification in the Village Hall, possibly by a loop system. It was agreed to refer this idea to the Village Hall Trust. It was noted that, as the closing date of 31st October approached, four applications for grants in the next year had been received from The Village Hall Trust, Liston Church Appeal, Foxearth Parochial Church Council and the District Local History Society.

Clerk: It was reported that there were two prospective candidates for the permanent post and interviews would be arranged

Planning: An application for an extension to an annexe at a private dwelling in Liston had been turned down by the Braintree District Council.

Solar Farms: Following on from the special meeting held on 3rd October the Chairman, Cllr. Clive Waite, reported that the committee, composed of representatives of the parish councils concerned and formed to work on the formation of effective policies to ensure that local interests were safe guarded  and were taken into account, had met twice. The Braintree District Council Planning meeting on 7th November– at which it had been expected that developers’ plans would be considered- had been postponed. However in respect of one application the District Council had issued a screening assessment which concluded that as the development was only of local importance an environmental impact assessment was not required; the full text of this is on the Parish Council’s web site. The Chairman stated that lobbying was continuing at various levels and reminded that anyone could and should make their views known to District. The petition to Parliament inaugurated by MP Brooks Newmark had so far attracted about 800 signatures.

Public Rights of Way: A modification to the public footpath network to realign path 26 to the northern boundary of Huntsmans Farm so that it runs south-eastwards to intersect with path 24 at Bradfields Wood was agreed.

Street lighting in Claypits: A request from a resident that alternate lights should be switched off intermittently – as has been done in other parts of the District – was reported. It was pointed out that as the Parish Council was responsible for these lights such a change could not be part of the District scheme and separate timers would be needed. Also the views of other residents would need to be taken into account. It was agreed to take no action.

Next meeting: 11th December 2013 at 7.30pm in Foxearth Village Hall

Ken Nice

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