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Solar Farms in Foxearth, Pentlow and the Belchamps.

Somewhere in the region of 80 – 90 residents from Foxearth, Liston, Pentlow and the Belchamps filled Foxearth Village Hall for on Thursday, October 3rd for a Special Council Meeting about proposed Solar Farms in the parishes. The packed hall was addressed by Clive Waite, Chair – Foxearth and Liston Parish Council who read out a comprehensive report into the proposals and which listed many of the arguments against them as they stood at the moment. He emphasised that the Joint Parish Councils were not against renewable energy developments per se but wanted to see a controlled approach to planning that would prevent large areas of Grade 2 farmland being swamped, and stop up to 300 acres of land being covered in our locality with its combined environmental and visual blight.

The meeting was then given over to the floor and many questions were asked and comments raised some of which were met by Brooks Newmark, our local MP; Julian Swift, District Councillor; David Finch, County Councillor and Nigel Harley. On our behalf, Mr Newmark intends to submit a petition to Parliament and pursue other avenues, meanwhile a Joint Action Committee of the three parishes is being proposed to co-ordiate responses to the District Planning Authority. This has already been accepted by Belchamp Parish Council and was accepted at this meeting by Foxearth and Liston Parish Council. Pentlow have yet to meet and confirm their membership.

The press was present at the meeting and Anglia TV expressed an interest in a piece for their news bulletin.

Information about the petition can be found elsewhere on the Village Website

Petition Objecting to the Siting of Large Scale Solar Arrays on Grade 2 Arable Land in the Parishes

A petition has been launched calling for the Government to consider its policy in respect of the installation of large scale ground based solar collector arrays in the countryside.
It is being sponsored by our MP Brooks Newmark and has so far been formally endorsed by Belchamp St Paul & Belchamp Otten PC and Foxearth & Liston PC. Pentlow PC will soon be sitting to consider their position.
That said, the petition is primarily a matter for the individual and each person who agrees, needs to add their signature so this is your PC’s request for you to do so.
You do not need to live in the above parishes to sign the petition. Anyone who agrees may sign it. The target is to get 1000 people to sign by 25th October latest.
You can help in this endeavour. You can download and print your own petition pack and collect signatures from people you know.
You will need one petition page and as many signature pages as you like. Just click the links to download.
You can deliver your completed petitions to the village hall letter box no later than 26th October.
Foxearth & Liston Parish Council