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Pentlow Film Club – September 2013

We started our seventh season with a wonderful film that most of the audience had already seen, and were happy to see again: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Beautifully shot mainly in India, in Jaipur, it had a superb cast with Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Maggie Smith, Ronald Pickup, Celia Imrie and others. But even a superb cast may not necessarily create a great film. What made the film was lightness of touch over what was at times a dark subject: what to do about old age and death, and a fast pace as we followed the personal journeys of each of the main characters. Most people reading this will have seen the film, especially as it was on TV in the same week as our showing, so I will simply speak of what delighted me personally.

I liked the commentary spoken by Evelyn (Judi Dench) through the medium of her letters to her son; it brought the separate stories together very effectively. I liked the subtle suggestion of hostility in the scene of cricket between Tom Wilkinson’s Appeal Court Judge and the boy players, underlined by his history of belonging in India. I liked the way Madge (Maggie Smith) achieved calm and self respect as she found an unexpected role for herself. I especially loved the Deus ex Machina who brought it all round at the end, in the person of the old man who had been present throughout sitting on steps. I enjoyed the process whereby the careless racism of the English group at the start melted into respect and understanding of India by the end. I truly felt for the one who could not face the change and went home: we are all afraid of change.

Remember: It will be all right in the end, but if it is not all right, then it is not the end.

Don’t miss this film. There are already three people queuing for the DVD, but it will be available in time.

Our next one is for Hallowe’en, so come and be frightened on 18 October.

Isobel Clark

Special Meeting of Foxearth & Liston PC for 3rd October 2013

There will be a special meeting of Foxearth & Liston Parish Council on Thursday 3rd October 2013 starting at 7:30pm at Foxearth Village Hall. This will be a single topic meeting to address the matter of several projects relating to the construction of so called solar farms some of which are now being presented as planning applications to the local planning authority.

At the time of writing the council is aware of 4 such projects based in Stradishall, Belchamp St Paul (2) and Pentlow involving at least 3 developers. The aggregate land area so far involved amounts to more that 400 acres much of which is designated as grade 2 arable land.

All these schemes have in common the fact that they would connect to the national grid via the Belchamp St Paul substation thereby demonstrating that the radial range from the substation amounts to several miles and which could include our parishes. That said, at this time the council knows of no proposed scheme that would be based in Foxearth and Liston.

The council understands that the Belchamp St Paul substation has capacity for some 60MW of electricity available (this is a best guess as actual figures are not published). The schemes identified so far fall short of this total so this leaves the prospect that more schemes could yet be announced.

The Government has recently published some guidance relating to the installation of on shore wind farms and solar generation sites. This touches on the issue of the “cumulative effect” of multiple schemes which, at this time, are handled on a case by case basis by local planning authorities. Policies designed to address the aggregating effect of multiple applications on local communities are not much in evidence and this has to change.

Accordingly, Foxearth & Liston PC together with Pentlow PC and Belchamp St Paul & Belchamp Otten PC are proposing the formation of a joint committee to work for the establishment of effective policies to provide protection for local communities such that the level of development of solar farms is proportionate and in line with Government targets at a national level. This would also include such issues as the size of each scheme, its visual impact, compatibility with the local development plan and its core strategy, impact on farmland, screening arrangements, etc. To be clear, the member PC’s are not seeking a total ban on such schemes.

The council will therefore consider the endorsement of such a joint committee at the meeting.

It is vital that we the council carry the support of you our electors with us when making our arguments for moderation. You are therefore encouraged to attend this important meeting and have your say. There will be as much time as it takes for everyone to express their views and concerns and ask questions.

We look forward to seeing you.

Foxearth & Liston Parish Council


Foxearth History Society – 10th September

Fourteen members of the district society were entertained on Tuesday 10th  September by Bryan Thurlow who took on the apparel of a Cockney pearly king as he related the fictional story of  Billy and Doris Jackson and their adventures as evacuees from Bethnal Green during World War 2. Clearly showing his background in acting, Bryan told how the two children were moved to the safety of a Suffolk farm, run by an uncle and aunt, when the Luftwaffe began the blitz. With a convincing accent and just the right amount of pathos Bryan took us through the changes the children experienced in their education and how they adapted to life on a farm. Their father had joined the army and mother had gone to work in a factory so visits were rare but loneliness was ameliorated by the fact that they were with cousins of their age – so there was fun at times. Bryan burst into appropriate song at times inviting audience participation. As this is a talk that is “doing the rounds” it would be unfair to reveal too much detail or the outcome! Several members recounted their own experiences of evacuation.

Chairman Alan Fitch thanked Bryan for his contribution to an interesting evening.

Next meeting: 8th October 8pm in Foxearth Village Hall when Robert Halliday will relate some “Suffolk Ghost Stories”

Ken Nice