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Report on Parish Council Meeting – 27th March 2013

In welcoming members and local residents to the meeting on Wednesday 27th March, the Chairman, Councillor Clive Waite mentioned that the next meeting would be the Annual Meeting of the Council on 3rd April to be followed immediately by the Annual Meeting of Electors – formerly the Annual Village Meeting. This occasion would give villagers the opportunity to raise any matters of concern. He also reminded everyone of the County Council elections to take place on 2nd May.

District Council report: District Councillor Julian Swift outlined the ways in which the performance of the Council was reviewed by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee – of which he was a member. This committee can look at and make recommendations on issues ranging from access to health care facilities, budgets and Council Tax to village agents. Cllr Swift also served on a group known as the Community Safety Partnership – a collaboration with police, fire, probation and other services.

County Council report: Taking up the theme of his colleague, County Councillor David Finch referred to another joint venture in the Braintree Highways Panel. He urged local residents to attend these meetings, held at Braintree DC HQ. They cover all sorts of   highways matters, are interactive and entertaining sessions! (By the way, Cllr Finch is the Chairman!) Cllr. Finch briefly described the setting up of Locality Boards which in conjunction with Districts should be an aid to local business.

On the subject of highways maintenance, Cllr Finch stressed that County was only too well aware of the problems that the prolonged and severe winter had caused and stated that 45 teams were currently engaged on pot hole etc. repair; as previously reported the Highways budget had been increased by £45m. The County is consulting, through the Highways Panels, on revised criteria for speed limits. Cllr. Peter St. John Howe expressed a view that a 15mph limit would be appropriate in Claypits, Foxearth because of pedestrians having to walk in a residential road where there is no pavement. Cllr. Tony Clayton referred to a earlier request for a 20mph limit through Liston and wondered whether the traffic monitoring equipment had been positioned in the most appropriate place. Cllr Finch agreed to take this up and arrange for the exercise to be repeated if all the details could be sent to him.

Parish Council Grants: Grants as follows were agreed:

Foxearth Parochial Church Council  £750, Liston Parochial Church Council £200, Foxearth Village Hall Trust £1,300. It was regretted by an application from the Foxearth and District Local History Society had been received too late to be considered

Parish Council Clerk: The job specification and advertising proposals for this post were discussed and left in the hands of the Chairman and Cllr. Peter Highmore.

Planning: An application for a proposed lawful development certificate in respect of a single storey extension at a residence on Foxearth  was reported and noted as no action required.

Highways: Following representations there was optimism that gritting would be extended to the road through Pentlow. Regarding road flooding in the area of Hawkes Farm, a   blocked culvert had been identified as the probable culprit and this would be cleared.

Footpaths: Cllr. David Busby announced that approval had now been given for the repairs and  supporting of a path through Foxearth churchyard and the work would be done in April. He also reported that discussions with the land owner had resulted in agreement in a sharing of the cost of the extinguishment of a redundant footpath.

Overhanging trees: The Chairman reported that he had been approached by two residents about overhanging trees from a neighbouring property and had been advised that this was a private matter between land owners over which the Council had no jurisdiction.

Risk assessment: The Clerk explained that risk assessments had to be undertaken in respect of street cleaning and grass cutting at Liston before new, contracted arrangements could be made.

Next meeting: 3rd April 7.30pm Foxearth Village Hall – Annual meeting followed by Annual Meeting of Electors.

Ken Nice

Notice of Parish Council Meeting

A council meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th March 2013 at 7:30pm at Foxearth Village Hall.

An agenda for the meeting can be viewed here.

You can view the provisional minutes for the meeting held on 19th February 2013 here.

Foxearth & Liston Parish Council

Litter Pick – Saturday 23rd March at 2:00pm

There will be a litter pick this Saturday 23rd March at 2:00pm starting from Foxearth Village Hall.

Please join your fellow residents in helping to keep our village clean and tidy.

You’ll need to bring your own gloves but bags, hi-viz jackets and those gizmos for picking up rubbish will be provided.

Thank you for your time.