Foxearth and Liston Parish Council – Report of Meeting 19th Feb

There was a meeting of the Council on Tuesday, 19th February. The Chairman, Cllr Clive Waite, thanked Cllrs. Julian Swift and David Finch – of Braintree District and Essex County respectively – for their help in ensuring the continuation of the Thursday bus service, which, it was understood, would be reviewed again in August.

Precept: The Acting Clerk, Michael Letch, reported that the precept to parishes in 2013/14 would not be reduced and the council’s budget was therefore safeguarded.

Public Question Time:  provoked discussion regarding road pot holes, drainage and a knocked-down finger post- all of which had been referred to County Highways.

District Council: Cllr Swift affirmed that whilst financial support for parishes was assured for the coming year, the future depended, as ever, on the level of the Government’s Revenue Support Grant.

County Council: Cllr Finch pointed out that it had been possible to “freeze” Council Tax for the third successive year representing a significant saving to households. The highways budget had again been increased substantially recognising the importance of maintenance. A scheme was being introduced to help prospective house buyers – who had obtained a mortgage – to pay the purchase deposit; potentially 6,000 people could benefit from these loans. The Council was still striving to make saving without detriment to services. Mr Finch promised to look into a delay in carrying out approved repairs to the churchyard path in Foxearth.

Grant Applications: It was noted that funds, at the level of previous years, were available for these but agreed to defer consideration to the next meeting for more information to be obtained. On the question of a grant to Liston churchyard for grass cutting by volunteer labour the Clerk explained that this had customarily included the cutting of the green “island” area – technically a Highways Dept. responsibilty. However, neither of the local authorities nor the insurance company had any objection to this practice continuing.

Community Green Space: Cllr. David Busby reported that following discussion with the owners it had been suggested that, owing to the lack of use – and misuse – of the recreational field, the lease to the Council should not be renewed; this was agreed. Sincere thanks were expressed to Polly and Buzz for their provision of the space for the last ten years or so.

Pentlow roads: A request for the Council to support Pentlow Parish Council’s  request for gritting/salting to be extended to the approaches to that village was agreed.

Parish Clerk: The Chairman indicated that this position had now been filled on a temporary basis for sometime and that it was important to seek to make a permanent appointment. Re-advertisement was agreed.

Highways: Outstanding matters referred to County were broken-down finger posts, blocked drains, reflectors required at Cherry Tree Cottage, flooding and pot holes in Sudbury road and repainting of roundels (understandably not feasible while gritting is still necessary). A further supply of salt would be ordered.

Footpaths: Cllr. Busby updated members on the situation regarding various footpaths. A councillor felt that a recently-erected notice board for the church in Foxearth partially obscured a footpath finger post.

Planning: No objections were expressed to a proposal to build an open bay machinery store at Brook hall Farm.

An application to construct an access road and turning point into a field at Liston was discussed.  No reason for this had been given and the Council did question why planning consent should be neccessary if a change in the use of agricultural land was not envisaged.


Next meetings: 27th March 2013 and 3rd April (Annual Meeting of the Council) both at 7.30pm Foxearth Village Hall.


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