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Essex Highways is taking further decisive action to strengthen the county’s road network and repair potholes caused by the recent heavy rainfall and snow.

Following severe weather extremes last year, Essex County Council invested an additional £11m to improve the condition of the county’s roads,. The first phase of work focused on the number of outstanding defects waiting for repair, with over 40,000 potholes fixed by the end of October 2012.

Phase two of the programme is now getting underway, and focuses on resurfacing and strengthening roads across the county, to ensure that fewer potholes occur in the longer term.

In addition to this, specialist gangs have been mobilised across the county to repair potholes which have formed due to the recent wet weather and snow.

Repairs are being carried out as quickly as possible, and residents can help with this by reporting any potholes they see using the ‘View It, Track It, Report It’ function available at

Essex Highways is also using resources to keep drains clear to prevent standing water from spending too long on road surfaces. Waterlogged roads lead to potholes forming as water freezes in small holes already present on the highway, creating larger ones. It is therefore vital that standing water is removed from roads as quickly as possible. Private landowners also have a responsibility to keep their own ditches and watercourses clear.

County Councillor Derrick Louis, Cabinet Member for Highways & Transportation said: “We are taking decisive action to strengthen our road network and repair potholes as soon as possible. We have just experienced the wettest year on record, and like other local authorities across the UK we are having to deal with the damage this has caused to our roads. Residents can assist us with this by reporting potholes to us as soon as they appear.”

New Kissing Gates Installed

As part of the general improvements to our local network, we are pleased to be able to inform residents that two new kissing gates have now been installed on the footpath that  runs from Mill Road and up between Chapel House and Lower Hall. It is now possible to be able to do a circular walk  from Foxearth Village, through the gates, up the field and back down from the top reaches of Claypits Lane with out having to climb a stile.

The gates were installed by Essex County Council with the kind permission of Polly Brand and we thank her for that. As you will have noticed, there have been several improvements to bridges on the network but we are aware that some work still needs to be done.

Local Development Plan – Site Allocations Plan Consultation

The Draft Site Allocations and Development Plan has now been published by Braintree DC.

You can view all the relevant documentation on the parish council document depository and this can be found in 2 new sections under Reports.

You can reach these here and here.

Braintree DC is also running a series of exhibition road shows, the timetable for which can be viewed here.

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