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Residents to be Village’s History Detectives

Last night’s inaugural meeting of the Foxearth Church Heritage Initiative Project was well attended by villagers with aspirations of becoming history detectives and finding out more about our village’s past. This year-long project is sponsored by Foxearth PCC and has been funded by the National Heritage Lottery ‘All Our Stories’ Fund.

Having been introduced to the meeting by her husband Phil, PCC secretary Corrine Cox explained the objectives of the project and encouraged the attendees to sign up for the programme over the coming year.

She explained that the project would be centred on our wonderful 800 year old church of  St Peter and St Paul, a much loved and valued building but one that will need the continuous support of its community if it is to survive. Accordingly the role of the church would be expanding to incorporate a “Mini Heritage Centre” where people can meet to impart experiences and reminisce about past events. In this way it is anticipated that knowledge will be accumulated and recorded for posterity. There will be displays of documents and artefacts for people to view which will be changed from time to time.

The project will also incorporate the making of a film about the village as it is today as a companion to a similar film made in 1987. This would include a number of interviews with residents. Corinne explained that the PCC is looking to our younger residents to help with this part of the project.

Finally, residents will be encouraged to research the history of their houses; who might have lived there; what they did for a living etc. with a view to producing a social history of the village. The intention is to publish such a social history of Foxearth at the end of the project.

There were many artefacts and document for attendees to peruse which they did with much interest. Phil Cox served up some mulled wine and mince pies which was much appreciated by all.

Corinne Cox is to be congratulated for winning this substantial grant and for the hard work that she has put into the project. We now look to the residents of Foxearth to play their part in making this project a big success.


Clive Waite

Foxearth & Liston Parish Council – Summary of meeting – 12/12/12

A meeting of the Council for Foxearth and Liston was held on 12th December with Cllr Clive Waite in the Chair.

In his opening remarks the Chairman expressed thanks to County Councillor David Finch for his help in arranging for speed camera signs to be installed at each end of Foxearth village. The Chairman reported that he had recently been informed that the Parish Council had no powers to finance the mowing of the green outside Liston Church as this land was the responsibility of the County Highways Department. The local residents would obviously like the grass to continue to be cut and ways of ensuring this would be explored. With regard to the Stafford Park situation the Chairman emphasised that, whilst various ideas for the use of the site had been aired, the Parish Council had yet to form a view as to what it felt should be done and until this stage is reached it must not be assumed that either the Chairman personally, or the Council, is for – or against – any particular suggestion. What is clear is that the site owners must produce, by next Spring a remediation plan to deal with the contamination.

 Public Question Time: A local resident reminded Council of a long-standing request for hedge-side reflectors opposite The Lodge in Foxearth to be reinstated. Another resident asked that the document depository on the villages’ web site be rearranged to make access easier – and this was agreed.

District Council Report: Cllr Julian Swift reported that Braintree DC would shortly consider possible changes to the Parish Support Grant and that with the implementation  of the Localism Act parishes would have more influence over the level of Council Tax in future. It was likely that a boundary review of wards and districts would take place next year. In response to a question from a resident Cllr Swift agreed to look into the provision of specially coloured bags for the bus shelter refuse bin.

Financial matters: The Clerk reported that the budget for 2012/13 was in balance. The internal audit report had drawn attention to several minor procedural aspects which would be taken on board.

Grant applications: It was noted that three applications for discretionary grants had been received and decisions on these would be taken at the next meeting when, hopefully, the financial situation for 2013/14 would be clearer.

Councillor emails: A draft policy on the proposed use of these had been circulated to all councillors and was adopted.

Community Green Space; As agreed  a questionnaire to elicit residents’ views and expectations had been distributed and about 30% of residents had responded. The majority felt that recreational space should be retained but the difficulty of access to the present field had been identified as the main problem. It was agreed that the land owner should be approached to see whether a smaller field – to which there is a footpath – could be substituted when the lease expired next year.

Highways: A suggestion that “No Horses” signs should be displayed on the footpath from the Foxearth churchyard to the Jubilee Oak was agreed – and Tree Warden, Alan Fitch, kindly offered to supply and fix these at no charge to the Council. It was recalled that ECC had said that kissing gates would be installed in Foxearth in early December – perhaps a reminder would be appropriate! Attention was drawn to developing ruts in the road edge on theSudbury side of Red Cottages. The Chairman expressed surprise that satnavs were still referring to the B1064 – and so indeed was the County Council – when the road had been declassified two years ago! The Vice Chairman, Cllr Tony Clayton, reported that in response to pleas from Liston residents the County Council had agreed to do a speed survey through the village to see whether a 20mph limit would be justified


Next meeting.  Tuesday 19th February 2013 7.30pm Foxearth  Village Hall


Kenneth Nice, Orchard Cottage, Foxearth

Pentlow Film Club – December 2012

To celebrate the dying of the year we showed the French animation Belleville Rendez-Vous, the first film directed by Sylvain Chomet, dedicated to his parents. There is a touch of Jacques Tati about it, which is followed up in his second film, The Illusionist, based on one of Tati’s scrips, which we showed last year. This is darker, with more grey and less delight, though quite as beautiful in its drawing and presentation. It also has a wonderful animal, in this case a large shapeless dog called Bruno who barks at trains and helps save the day. It is a very long way from Disney’s rounded outlines and anodyne sentiment. Here, France is grey and very hard going for the little family of grandmother and lonely little boy. The hills are steep for the aspiring cyclist aiming at the Tour de France, and the Mafia is waiting, evil on the sidelines, black and square. The pedalo just makes it across the Atlantic to Belleville,  known to the rest of us as New York. Even the Statue of Liberty is obese, along with almost everyone else, except a few of the men and the three sisters singing in close harmony to the accompaniment of hoover, fridge and newspaper, with the new sound of a bicycle wheel played by Grandma. There is a boy scout beyond belief who can’t hold a candle to Grandma at getting across roads. It all has a happy ending, preceded by a wonderful chase through the streets of New York; the Mafia, with cars and guns, are hopelessly beaten and the little troupe of heroes – three old women, Grandma, two boys on bicycles and the dog – all escape. I felt for the pedalo owner, still waiting disconsolately for his boat (on a half-hour stint) to return from the New World.

Neither The Tour de France nor New York will be the same after the film. Nor will frogs. The audience thoroughly enjoyed it, black humour and all. Frogs were not served with the refreshments.

We begin next year on Friday 18 January, with a nice bright film to brighten up the flat time after Christmas, so come and join us then.

Isobel Clark