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Foxearth Harvest Supper – October 20th 2012

On Saturday October 20th, Foxearth Village Hall played host to the annual Foxearth Harvest Supper.

By 7.30pm, the hall was alive with the sound of chatter and laughter as villagers and guests gathered for a convivial evening of food, wine and conversation, with the odd brain teaser thrown in for good measure! The tables were dressed with jars of autumnal flowers and foliage and the hall lit with soft candlelight.

The proceedings were started by the Rev Val leading the diners in a chorus of “We Plough the Fields and Scatter” after which food was served – a choice of home cooked main courses and puddings followed by a selection of cheeses with handmade bread, accompanied by coffee or tea.

The bar was well used all evening!

Mr Derek Hall played the keyboard, always a highlight of the evening.

Clearing of tables was voluntarily and ably carried out by the young adults and children – to them a special thank you .

By 11pm, with the washing up finished and the tables and chairs packed away, the last person turned off the lights and locked the door, the hall fell silent once again. We now look forward to gathering again for the Harvest Supper 2013



Pentlow Film Club – “The Lady Vanishes”

This month we had a record audience to watch The Lady Vanishes, Hitchcock’s last British film, with a wonderful cast including Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave, Googie Withers and Dame May Whitty. It was our first film that covered cricket, though, according to the introductory information, it had been played down (sorry!) because it was thought that the Americans might not understand it. In revenge, there was a reference to baseball that was truly insulting. There were endless moments of delight and comedy as it raced along, and one thing I shall remember is the beautiful camera shots of faces, from the sinister Italian magician to the apparently benign Miss Froy and on to the Old Master himself as a London taxi driver. The film is seventy four years old and as good now as ever it was, a masterly example of classic British cinema.

Holding the showings on Fridays seems to be working for most people, though I am aware that a few can no longer come. There is no perfect day, but I am more than grateful to those who come and enjoy it with us, and we take delight in finding the best, strangest, rarest, most unlikely films that we can for you. The moment this time that Hitchcock would have enjoyed was, I think, when our Projectionist and poster maker, Peter Sandberg, managed to find a colour poster for a black and white film.

Our next film is on Friday 16 November. It is very different, but do come and, apart from anything else, enjoy the music.

Isobel Clark

Notice of Parish Council Meeting

A meeting of the parish council will be held on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 at Foxearth Village Hall at 7:30pm.

The agenda for the meeting can be viewed/downloaded here .


Foxearth & LIston Parish Council.