Report of meeting of Foxearth & Liston Parish Council – 15th Aug 2012

The council met on 15th August with Cllr Clive Waite in the Chair; there were 5 local residents present. An apology for absence was received from District Councillor Julian Swift.

CountyCouncillorDavid Finch reported on the following matters:

District Highways Panels: These have now been established and an allocation of     £815,000 across the county will allow the panels to consider proposals from parishes for capital projects.  Cllr Corinne Cox, speaking as Secretary of the Parochial Church Council, said that a request for repiping of the ditch on the north side of Foxearth church had already been made and the Parish Council agreed to support this. Further applications were agreed for a 20mph speed limit through Liston and the installation of vehicle-activated speed warnings in Foxearth; the possibility of asking for a 20mph limit through Foxearth would be considered at the next meeting.

  Budget for 2013/14 County is striving to maintain a 0% council tax increase next year.

  Highways: An additional £11m had been allocated for road works. Cllr Finch agreed to chase pot hole repairs and roundel repainting in Foxearth

  Speed Watch: The provision of permanent signs warning of this had been agreed

  Council Borrowing: The Treasury is being lobbied to allow this at ¾ %

Public Question Time: A resident asked for reflective posts  on a bend in Foxearth to be reinstated. Attention was drawn to the weedy state of pavements outside the School and Glebeside. These matters were noted for action.  The difficulty of access to the playing field was brought up and the Chairman reported upon discussion he had had with the land owners; various options, which would be considered at a future meeting, were outlined and in the meantime a questionnaire to residents would be devised.

The Tree Warden’s attention would be drawn to several fairly newly planted trees that were leaning over.

Grants policy: It was agreed that there was an urgent need for a policy for the submission and approval of precept grants as it was felt to be essential that the value to the community of discretionary grants should be measurable by assessing how these were being used by the recipients.

Councillor allowances: A proposal to provide an allowance for Chairman’s incidental expenses was deferred for consideration at the next meeting.

Code of Conduct:A revised code was adopted

Public Rights of Way:  Kissing gates for the footpath from Mill road to Brook Hall had been delivered. It was noted that the 5 yearly ECC inspection of PRoW was due in September.

Planning: No objections were expressed to work on a preserved tree in Foxearth

Wildlife Warden: It was agreed not to proceed with this idea


Next meeting: Tuesday 23rd October 2012 Foxearth Village Hall 7.30pm


Ken Nice


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