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George Robert “Bob” Jackson 1918 – 2012

A celebration of the life of one described as a wonderful country gentleman was held in Foxearth Church on 9th August when the funeral of Bob (as we all knew him) Jackson was conducted by the Team Rector, Father Eoin Buchanan. The church was full with many standing in tribute to a man widely known and greatly loved in the village and wider community. Rousing harvest hymns were sung. Beautiful flower arrangements adorned the church and every pew had an allocation of Glacier mints reminding us that Bob always had a pocketful to offer to anyone he met.

Daughter in law Mrs Rosemarie Jackson remembered Bob as an optimistic and happy chap who had a great fund of funny tales about his life and an infective cheerfulness that he passed on to all who met him. His house became known as Tea House Farm because of the warm welcome he (and his wife Mary until her death in 2010) extended to all, from the daily visits by postmen to the occasional calls by agricultural reps, the frequent encounters with villagers and friends and the annual forays by carol singers and Red Cross collectors. Bob’s father farmed at Bridge Stwhere Bob was born in 1918. He attended –somewhat reluctantly we’re told –  Sudbury Grammar Schoolbut at the age of 15 when the family moved to Pentlow Hall Farm he left school to work with his father; farming was evidently in his blood. Being exempted from war service he joined the Home Guard and anyone who might think that the exploits of Dad’s Army were pure fiction would soon be disabused on hearing some of the real-life happenings in Bob’s platoon! By knocking a young Cavendish girl off her bicycle as she delivered bread and cakes in Pentlow, Bob met Mary. He was clearly forgiven for the episode as they married in 1946 spending 63 years of wedded bliss at Red House Farm. Henceforth Bob always introduced Mary as “the guvnor” and their union was blessed with daughter and son, Liz and David, six grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Bob and Mary’s great generosity and compassion is shown by the way they took in a Czechoslovakian refugee family after the war. Red House became a popular place for village children to visit, especially at milking time, and Bob was able – to gold medal standard – to direct milk straight from the teat into an onlooker’s eye! He was a familiar figure at Bury and Sudbury markets usually discussing the quality of livestock with friends. Bob’s love and knowledge of country pursuits such as fox-hunting, point to points, agricultural shows and as a non-firing member of a shooting syndicate made him widely known and enormously respected. At the age of 87 he finally gave up combining but retained a keen interest in farming and never shook off his addiction to the daily weather forecast. It was therefore most fitting that he should leave the church, for burial in the churchyard, to a recorded forecast of a sunny outlook and a period of settled calm ahead!

Readings were contributed by grandsons Andrew Newton, Tom and Robert Jackson and son David read a touching poem called My Father Farmer.

We shall all miss Bob Jackson as a true friend but he has left us with many enduring memories of the way he touched our lives. To his family – to whom he was devoted – and his many friends we express our sincerest condolences.

Ken Nice

Bob Jackson

Many of you will have heard the sad news of  Bob Jackson who died on Saturday last. He had not been well for some time.

The funeral will take place at Foxearth Church on Thursday August 9th at 11.30am.

A tribute to Bob will be posted  on the website after the funeral.