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Fly Tipping

The lanes around our two villages are pretty and pleasant to stroll down, rich in plant life and wild flowers. However if we are not vigilant, they may not stay that way. Some low life, bottom feeder has chosen to make them his rubbish dump.  A large number of worn tyres have been appearing in the verges, obviously dumped from the back of a truck by a waster who has no respect for the countryside nor your living space and is only concerned with his own pocket – easier to do this than pay the levy.

Please keep a look out on your travels around our lanes. If you see anything suspicious, such as a parked up truck with junk on the back, take the number – better still if you see them actually doing the dumping but of course be careful.

Essex County Council provide a collection service for this sort of thing and removal can be arranged but better still if we can prevent it. Meantime, if you spot any dumped tyres, or any other rubbish, let your Parish Council know and we will contact ECC. Rubbish attracts rubbish, so we would want to remove this blight as soon as possible.