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Winners for the month of June
1st Prize Linda Baker
2nd Prize Wilf Braybrook
3rd Prize Jean Waite
4th Prize Barrie Phillpotts

We thank you all for your support

Foxearth Youth Music Foundation

The usual service of Holy Communion at Foxearth church on 24th June took on an extended form as the celebration was followed by a short recital by two, very talented ,  young ladies. The music was provided by Zoe Sones, who contributed piano pieces by Chopin and Debussy and Phoebe Carter who played Bach and Severn on a solo violin. They ended with a scintillating duet of a Mozart Allegro which demonstrated a versatility beyond their years and brought well-deserved applause. During the service two, very much younger artists produced , in the vestry and drawing upon  the gospel theme, some paintings which delighted the congregation.

The occasion provided an opportunity for the Team Rector, Fr Eoin Buchanan, to express sincere thanks to John and Sue Macdiarmid, of Little Cornard, and their daughter Jennie for their most generous gift of a Steck boudoir grand piano to the church. It also marked the inaugural event of the Foxearth Youth Music Foundation set up two months ago with the help of Robbie Gladwell and friends to encourage young people to engage with music and its performance – the church being an “ever-ready” venue!

Ken  Nice

Foxearth Open Gardens

The week before the open gardens event, the weather was awful. All of us whose gardens were due to be open watched as the grass grew – too wet to cut;  foxgloves and delphiniums looked as though they were being battered to the ground – strong winds;  poppies and other fragile blooms looked as though they would never survive due to a combination of wind and water.  Then a break in the weather and we held our breath on the Sunday morning as the sun came out and stayed out.

Considering that we were up against many  Open Garden events in other towns and villages and it was Fathers Day, the numbers of visitors who came to view was very rewarding. All seemed to enjoy what they saw and keen gardeners were seen to be wondering around, asking questions and hopefully getting the right answers and sometimes clutching cuttings.

Eleven gardens were open and it was evident that all the owners had put in a great amount of work despite the preceding week of bad weather as they all looked, if not immaculate, then certainly neat and bright In fact, the rain before Sunday made sure that everything was lush and in full bloom – the hosepipe ban did not worry us!.

To give visitors a break a few of the gardens offered refreshments such as ice creams and glasses of Pimms and tea and cakes were served in the Village Hall.

After expenses, the church benefited by a sum in the region of £400.00

Our back gardens are by definition, private spaces, so to see these normally “off limits” areas is a chance to admire and explore what is usually behind closed doors. One of the more unusual gardens was the Pebbles Pre-School, located behind Chapel House, where the children can enjoy the open air and are encouraged to grow flowers and vegetables.


Our thanks to all who opened their gardens, who served drinks, made tea, served ice creams and sold plants. Especial thanks to Lollie and Lily who created the attractive and novel house numbering signage and lastly to Val Hastie, the driving force behind Open Gardens.

More pictures of the gardens open can be seen in the Photo Gallery.