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Stafford Park not included in Braintree LDF

At their meeting on Wednesday the 23rd May 2012, the 
Braintree District Council Local Development Framework Sub-Committee unanimously decided not to include Stafford Park on their Site Allocations and Development Management Plan.

The committee members stated that the site has everything against it and it is difficult to imagine any viable use for it now, given its remote location, flooding and poor access.  The conclusion of the Planning Officers’ report stated that:

It is not considered that the Stafford Park site should be given a designation in the Allocations DPD. The site is entirely unsuitable for residential
development due to its isolated rural location, difficult access and
position in an area at risk of flooding.

Whilst the site benefits from its existing use for industrial purposes it is
not considered that an employment policy area allocation would be
appropriate. This could attract employers away from more sustainable town
centre locations to this rural area at risk of flooding which we would not
wish to encourage.

At present due to the many and varied issues associated with the site it is
considered that any redevelopment proposed could be questioned in terms of
viability and deliverability by an inspector. Redevelopment of the site will
also require joint working with Babergh District Council including a
potential new access road linking the site to the main road network. It is
considered therefore that this work continue outside of the Allocations DPD

Jill Williams
Secretary, Liston Residents Association

Foxearth and District Local History Society

About 20 members of the Society spent an enjoyable and interesting evening on Tuesday 8th May at Pentlow Mill – the delightful home of members Andrew and Jenny Clarke.

Andrew explained the history of the mill from its origins in Saxon times, its entry in the Domesday Book and the various changes it had experienced in later times. In its heyday the mill had the greatest height of any in theStourValleyand – as was quite usual – it had its own brewery at one time. It had also been a pig farm . In the last century it was converted to residential accommodation and in the late 1940s there were plans to turn it into a boarding school; a beautiful parquet floor was laid for the “school” hall with a dormitory above but in the event the project was abandoned.

After this introduction we were given some photographs and invited to walk around the grounds to try to identify the point from which the views were taken and when. Whilst this presented the opportunity to explore the lovely garden, the head race, sluice gate etc., it brought forth some novel suggestions. Luckily when we reassembled there were no embarrassing dunce caps awarded!

Finally we were accorded the privilege of visiting the first floor of the mill building which had been converted into an extensive, comfortable library and everyone found something of interest in the great array of maps and photographs from Andrew and Jenny’s collection. Very welcome refreshments were served and the hosts were warmly thanked by Chairman, Alan Fitch, for their contribution to a memorable evening.

Alan welcomed Sudbury historian, Anne Grimshaw as a new member. He also reminded members about the trip on Sunday 5th August to the Military Pageant Airshow at the Shuttleworth Collection.

Next meeting: A walking tour of Coggeshall including Paycockes and Great Barn. Members to meet outside Paycockes at 12noon – parking in the Great Barn.

Ken Nice

Pentlow Film Club – May 2012

To finish our fifth season we showed a jolly nostalgic romp that, as one person said, didn’t need thinking about at all: Danny Kaye in The Court Jester. He was chief clown, but I realised that I had forgotten how well he could sing. There was also a wonderful villain in Basil Rathbone; evil as only English actors can be. And a remarkably young Angela Lansbury, but then it was made in 1955, which I suppose is a long time ago. The audience enjoyed it greatly, and it was a good end to the season.

So, we start again in September, and I think the films we have chosen will be our normal mix of interesting, beautiful, moving, thoughtful, different, great and sheer fun. There will be our AGM in July, which is open to all members, when we will give the new programme, and you will be notified of this in due time. The new flyer will be sent out in August as usual.

The really new thing that is happening next season is that we are showing films on FRIDAY evenings, rather than Saturday., to get round the many clashes on the weekend. So don’t forget: FRIDAY is the day.

To all those who come and enjoy these evenings with us, many thanks, and see you next season, on FRIDAYS , same place, same time.

Isobel Clark