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PENTLOW FILM CLUB -18 February 2012 -Hannah and Her Sisters

This was Woody Allen month, the first film of his that we have shown so far at the Club. He so much reminds me of Checkhov. In English translation we see him as tragic, showing us the emotional wilderness of frustration, of people who are helplessly stuck in the wrong place. In Russia they are more robust: they see him as hilarious, showing the helpless predicaments of people who have got themselves into a hole; in effect one of their greatest clowns. Woody Allen has seemed to me the English language Checkhov in his acting, showing us as ridiculous, but also touching us in our deepest insecurities, of death, loss and loneliness. We laugh at him, and he makes it bearable, but we all know the terrors, that life and health hangs by a spider’s thread, that we can fall at any moment, that the ‘meaning of life’ is unknown, that there is no safety. He does this as a beautiful, subtle, balanced actor, a joy to watch, and gives us in the end a fragile offer of hope. One magic scene stands out: after speaking to the Catholic priest, he reaches home with a shopping bag, and slowly unpacks it. We see a crucifix first, then a sacred book, then a sacred picture, then a large Wonder loaf, then a jar of mayonnaise. What more is there to say?

There was a good audience, and people enjoyed both film and food. I am very grateful to our audience, who come again and again, and trust us to provide a menu of varied and interesting films each year.

So, I hope we will see you in March, April and May as well. As from September, we have decided to show films on Friday evenings, rather than Saturdays, to avoid clashing with the many other things that happen on Saturdays.

Isobel Clark

Foxearth Local History Society – Artistry in Chocolate

On Valentine’s  night – 14th February – what could have been more appropriate than a detailed consideration of that most delicious derivative of the cacao bean – chocolate!

Disappointingly only 10 members of the District Society came along to hear Cheryl Blighty give a delightful and informative talk entitled Artistry in Chocolate and to try grinding the beans in a mortar and pestle from which an enticing aroma was immediately noticeable.

Mrs Blighty described the history of the bean which originated in what is now known as Mexico. Nowadays it is grown in other parts of world, notably equatorial Africa. The Mayan and Aztec civilizations made a drink from the bean, and the bean  became so highly valued that it was used as currency to buy slaves, animals, produce etc. It is said that Montezuma drank 50 cups a day as it was believed to have properties which would help him to cope with his large harem! When Cortez came in 1521 he was thought to be the return of a banished god and he was given the drink. Thus it found its way to the court of Philip of Spain where noblemen were allowed the beverage. In a staunchly Catholic country there was concern that drinking cocoa was breaking the Lenten fast – but a succession of popes ruled that it wasn’t! Via France and Italy the beverage arrived in England during Charles the second’s  reign and he ordered that a chocolate shop be built in London. Samuel Pepys records the drink’s efficacy as a hangover cure. In the 19th century the quakers, Cadbury and Fry, took up the manufacture of cocoa seeing it as an alternative to alcohol but it was not until 1847 that Mr Fry made the first chocolate bar – and there’s been no looking back since then!

This was a most entertaining evening which ended as Cheryl gave a practical demonstration of the chocolatier’s art and we were all happy to try a sample. Warm thanks was expressed by Secretary, Claire Mathieson.

Next meeting: ` Tuesday 13th March  8pm   Annual General Meeting

Ken Nice

Foxearth Oil Buying Group – 1 MILLION AND COUNTING!!

The Oil Buying Group has just breached the one million litre milestone with our January order and for 2012 we are extending the service to include Bulmer.  We began in Foxearth in February 2001 and paid 17pence per litre. Those were the days! With the current high prices it is even more important to join the group and pay lower prices than you would get on single orders.

Can you afford not to be a member of the group, especially remembering that it costs nothing to join and there are no running costs?  Yes you’ve just read it…something for nothing!!

To join all you need is to answer yes to the following points:-

1.         You live in Borley, Bulmer, Foxearth, Liston or Pentlow

2.         You use oil for central heating

3.         You have an internet connection (or a kindly neighbour so connected who will pass messages for you)

You pay for the oil you order at the price negotiated on behalf of members. As shown above this is lower than the price you can get on your own as we order in bulk and get preferential rates.

We now have over one hundred members and are growing!

Order as much or as little (minimum 700 litres) as you want, as many times as you want throughout the autumn, winter and spring and once in the summer as required.

For more details or to join please contact:-

Barrie Phillpotts