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Pentlow Film Club – January 2012

We try to be bright and cheerful in January, so our choice was Bagdad Cafe, a film made between America and Germany which has absolutely nothing to do with Baghdad. A Bavarian tourist, abandoned in the Arizona desert fetches up in a dying motel in the back of nowhere where nothing has happened for years. She meets the black woman at the end of her tether who owns it, together with her dysfunctional family – one of whom plays Bach, ‘like a sewing machine’ – and the few eccentric people who surround it all as hangers on. Of these, Jack Palance as a courtly down and out with Hollywood dreams, is quite beautiful. Everything stands between these two women; what could they possibly have in common? The answer in fact is cleaning – what the Bavarian does best, and it needs no language. She cleans like a demon, and, as it were, sweeps all the rest with her. So, they become friends, and the wish fulfilling message of the film is transformation rather than conflict. Both realise that there is hope, that neither is in the trap for ever. Motels can come to life and marriages can be escaped from. This is a lovely message, and the film up to the moment of Brenda and Justine realising that change is possible took me with it completely. Then it became American Hollywood Showtime and left me behind a little. However, the rest of the audience loved it and had a good time.

Other moments in the film abounded – the Indian Sheriff, the extraordinary clapped out cars, the constant intrusion of vast trucks, the tattoo parlour and its glamorous owner, the son constantly playing the piano, and, above all for me, the way the divisions between actions and scenes were made by the Australian playing with a boomerang: the patterns it made on the sky.

How do we meet the totally unexpected in our own lives? – welcome the difference and learn, or turn our backs and wipe it out?

We hope to see you on 18 February, and on 24 March. Be welcome to come and join us.


Isobel Clark

Notice of Restricted Access to Users of Mill Road and The Chase

On Thursday 19th January 2012 Essex County Council Highways Department will be undertaking a survey of the culvert in The Chase and Mill Road Foxearth. Work will commence at 8:00am.

They will be bringing in vehicles and equipment for the purpose which will restrict the effective road width in Mill Road and is expected to prevent access to The Chase altogether at various times.

If you will be dependent on the use of your car or you are expecting deliveries on this day, may we suggest you make suitable alternative arrangements.

Please do not park over or near to any road side gullies, manholes, etc. in Mill Road or The Chase as these will also be subject to inspection on that day.

Your cooperation is appreciated and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Foxearth and Liston Parish Council

Application for a Public Right of Way (PRoW)

At the December PC meeting the matter of an application on the part of 10 residents to have a footpath considered as a public Right of Way (PRoW) was discussed. A map has now been published on the villages website showing the proposed path (in red) and you can view it by taking this link.

Essex CC is now calling for evidence in respect of those residents that may have walked this path. If you have done so then now is your chance to register the fact. Whilst the “20 year rule” is being invoked by those who made the original application, you do not need to have walked it for more that 20 years to register your evidence nor do you need to be walking it now.

ECC needs to establish the extent to which the route has been walked and over what period and what evidence can be garnered to support such usage.

You can register for an application pack and have your say by emailing the parish council at or writing to the PC at Foxearth Village Hall.

Foxearth & Liston Parish Council