The Planting of our Jubilee Oak

The planting of an oak tree to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee will take place at 12 noon on Tuesday 20th December 2011.

The site (OS map reference  TL837453) can be reached by taking Church Walk and continuing along the footpath past the churchyard and up the hill (Spanfields) to the point where it meets the lane that goes to Western Hall.

All are welcome.

If you know someone who might not be able to make it under their own steam please consider offering them a lift.

For those planning to arrive by car, David Jackson has kindly agreed to his yard being used for parking for the duration. Please do not park at the site.

Please also take care by staying off the highway as, while the lane is not busy, vehicles will be passing through periodically.

The PC would like to take this opportunity to thank Colin Flux for his help in preparing the site and planting the tree, to David Jackson for the use of his yard and to Nick Wells and the New England Company for allowing the tree to be planted on their land.

Foxearth and Liston Parish Council

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