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Foxearth 100 Club – November Winners

1st   Prize  Claire Flux

2nd  Prize  Norman Oakes

3rd   Prize  Margaret Nice

4th   Prize   Jean Bookman

Thank you to all those taking part and good luck for December’s Draw

Aerobics in Foxearth


Hope Springs Eternal

It would seem our recent request for a Foxearth or Liston resident to come forward to fill the post of Parish Clerk has not provided the response that we were hoping for. This request is urgent and genuine – we really do need a Parish Clerk to enable us to hit all the benchmarks required to operate under the new localism legislation – and soon. Parish Councils simply cannot function without a Clerk. It’s not allowed!

So we are asking again.

There is a real opportunity for the Parish to gain from the new legislation and to be in charge of the decisions that affect us all but we need a Parish Clerk to be in post before the PC can be considered for the new “Power of Competence” that will only be granted to – well – parish councils that can demonstrate their competence and that obviously needs a Clerk.

So dig deep please.

Maybe you didn’t see the first email. If you did, please have another think and consider again if you can find the time to join your council in making a difference to the lives of your fellow community members.

We’re sure you’re out there so please come and talk to us.

Beyond being familiar with using a computer you do not need any special skills.

We cannot do it on our own. Your Council and your Community Needs You!!