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Community Green Space Advisory Committee Meets

The Parish Council’s Advisory Committee charged with the task of researching the options for the establishment of a Community Green Space has met for the first time.

You can read the agenda and minutes of the meeting here. You can also go to the Document Depository anytime and navigate to the relevant section.

The committee has now produced a report (which you can read here) detailing the possible options. It has also now approached the New England Company in respect of Church Field and we await the outcome of their deliberations which they will undertake in February.

Our thanks go to the committee for their work and the excellent comprehensive report that they have produced.

The committee will report on its progress at the 7 December PC meeting.

F&L Parish Council

Foxearth, Liston with Borley and Pentlow Churches – Advent and Christmas

View from the Advent Calendar

Advent is upon us once again…no, not Christmas which starts on 25th December, but Advent. That time of watching and waiting for the greatest gift ever offered to humankind: a tiny child “who is destined for the rise and fall of many”. Advent, a time of expectancy as children eagerly open the doors of Advent Calendars to reveal the story of Advent and the build up to the birth of Jesus Christ.

Reality check, vicar! Advent is a time of stress, strain, tensions and sorrows for many. Children must have their  Advent Calendars containing Mr Cadbury’s latest chocolate nativity manifestations, children must have the latest gadget for fear of exclusion or ridicule in the playground. Adults stock up with copious quantities of Christmas cheer making sure that all tastes and needs can be catered for no matter which neighbour calls over the festive season. Many will spend that great day on their own or mourning the loss of Christamasses past.

I know these stresses and strains, tensions and sorrows especially when you go to check the odourless turkey (or nut loaf) only to find that you forgot to turn the oven on! But my plea is that we all stop just for a minute and re-consider our approach to Advent and to Christmas and we take time out to watch and wait and receive the TRUE Spirit of Christmas. Look at the characters of that greatest story ever told. Do they share some of your worries, fears, joys, laughter and so on? Do you share some of theirs?

You know, we spend so much time each year pushing Jesus and God out of our lives, our Government and humanity in general; telling him that He is irrelevent, politically incorrect, contra multi-racial/multi-cultural, impossible, doesn’t exist and so on. And then, at the different rites of passage in our lives we expect Him to be there. Sounds a pretty patient sort of person to me? Perhaps one that is worth just spending a bit of time thinking about over Advent and then Christmas.

“What difference will it make, me stopping for a moment and thinking about Him, vicar?” Well as Mr Tesco always says, “Every little helps!”

“Why did this incredible event ever happen?” As Mrs L’Oreal keeps telling you, “Because you’re worth it!”

Have a peaceful Advent, a wonderfilled Christmas and enjoy all the services your local churches have on offer to help you feel some of the awe and wonder of Christmas. See you there…and beyond!

Fr Eoin

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Pentlow Film Club

Pentlow Film Club shows an eclectic mix of films to appeal to all ages and tastes and is well worth supporting. The terms of its licence prevent it from advertising its programme beyond its members and mailing lists, however the dates for future showings can be displayed.

All showings are at Pentlow Village Hall and are as follows: December 10th; January 21st; February 18th; March 24th; April 21st and May 19th. Details of the programme can be had from Isobel Clark on 01787 280648 or

Below is a review of their last showing:

The Madness of King George.

Alan Bennett wrote the play, and advised on the film version, and so we would expect an intelligent piece of work, and it is truly that. On seeing the film again, after several years, I was overwhelmed by its range, its thoughtfulness and its beauty. And also very moved by the moments of intimacy shared by the King (Nigel Hawthorne) and the Queen (Helen Mirren) in fleeting moments of joy and anguish.

The main actors are superb of course, and one of the best is Handel, whose music is used throughout, from his most pompous to his most tender, as in the dreadful scene where the Queen tries to get to the sick King and is prevented by the horrendous George Prince of Wales and the laughter of his followers, and in the travesty of the coronation enacted in the madhouse with the half naked King bound into the restraining chair, to the sounds of Zadok the Priest.

It is exciting too: will the King recover in time to prevent the dreadful George becoming Regent by Act of Parliament? He arrives at Parliament in the nick of time and all is well, this time, except for the Prince of Wales, who finds himself suddenly unmarried. It showed British film making at its absolute best, doing what we do better than anyone.

Everyone enjoyed it, and afterwards we celebrated the poor Queen, with apple Charlottes made by Diana and gingerbread from Isobel, spicy like the Prince of Wales.

Our next date is Saturday 10 December, so do come and be with us.

Isobel Clark