Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man – or Woman

With the passing of the Localism Bill, many of us are still unaware of the possible repercussions this will have for small administrative bodies such as our own Foxearth and Liston Parish Council.

 Until now, parish councils have been too often perceived as “small time” by their respective District authorities (and perhaps by the residents themselves) a Dibly mentality fit only to manage small local problems or comment on planning matters, (which comments may or may not have been taken into consideration).

But now the game has changed with parishes being given a much larger say in how they manage their affairs and they may also possibly profit financially from this new legislation.

However, the ability to be part of this new enlightened approach depends on a raised level of engagement on the part of parish councils and their communities. To be able to make important decisions under the Localism Bill we need to meet a series of benchmarks to demonstrate that we have what it takes to handle an enhanced “Power of Competence”. Today in Foxearth & Liston, we already meet most of these benchmarks but we are sadly lacking in one very important area.

This is our hour of need and this is where we need that Man or that Woman to step forward.

We need a new Parish Clerk. We will not be deemed “competent” without one. Your Parish Council will therefore suffer the consequences and not be able to act in the best interests of your community.

Are you that Man or Woman?

The post is a paid one. The hours, responsibilities and conditions are not onerous. You would be putting something back into your community but most of all helping us to get the best deal we can from the new legislation.

For more information please contact Clive Waite (tel : 379744, email

This is a time to be counted!


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