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Foxearth & Liston History Society – Visit to Bletchley Park

On Tuesday August 9th 37 members and friends visited Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, the home of World War 2 code breaking.

On arrival we were met by helpful and friendly staff who outlined the day’s basic arrangements. They then ushered us into the mansion to be met by our guide for the day, Mr Smith, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic gentleman with an understated sense of humour. After coffee and biscuits he took us as a group around the main buildings and huts where the code breakers worked for the duration of the war. The personal stories he related of the very nearly 10,000 people who worked on the site were peppered with insight into the brilliant minds of the code breakers.

The mansion which was the nucleus of the whole site was used for code breaking early in the war, and then, as more and more huts and brick buildings were erected, became a place of relaxation between the tiring shifts of concentrated work on breaking the encrypted German, Italian, Japanese and other country’s wireless messages from all over the world.

The unusual house, a mixture of exterior styles and designs, is of interest to historians for its amazing interiors and decoration.

If you have never visited this extraordinary place then make plans to do so. You will not be disappointed. We are already making plans for another visit next year.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 13th September – The History of the Willis Organ – Foxearth Church.