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Planning Application 11/00630/FUL Huntsmans Farm

An amendment to the above application has been received by Braintree District Council.

The detailed amended plans can be viewed by taking the following link

and following the instructions.

If you wish to make a representation please do so by writing to Braintree DC and copying the parish council. Representations should be submitted no later than 15 September 2011.

Views From the Church Towers

The “Managing a Masterpiece” project, part of the the Stour Valley Landscape Partnership has launched an innovating website called “A view from the Tower”. It consists of 360 degree views from all the church towers in the Stour Valley including both Foxearth and Liston. Well worth a visit if you have never had the opportunity, (or energy) to climb our church towers. The web address is given below.

Well Discovery

When it was a brewery village, Foxearth was known for it several wells, but it was a bit of a surprise to unexpectedly come across one recently whilst doing some excavation work at the rear of the village hall. During exploratory groundwork, a concrete cap was exposed which was lifted to show the shape of the well. To the best of our knowledge, this was not a brewery site so it is likely that this was a private water source.