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Foxearth 100 Club June winners

First Prize Simon Exel

Second Prize Barbara Smith

Third Prize Joan Hibble

Fourth Prize David Busby

Thank you to all those taking part, good luck next month..

Foxearth Summer Fete – Saturday June 18th

After glorious early spring and summer weather, we seemed to have drawn the short straw as far as the weather forecast was concerned and indeed the week before, it turned unsettled and sometimes very wet. Welcomed by both gardeners and farmers, it was not what we wanted for the day of the Fete and as a precaution, the village hall was cleared in case a fall back position was needed and a call went out for tented gazebos to provide shelter. Indeed as we prepared in the morning, it came over very dark a couple of times and we had a shower or two.

But then, almost on the stroke of 2 o’clock, the sun came out and although a bit gusty stayed out for the duration of the fete. With the sun came the visitors and what could have been disaster, became a triumph with residents and visitors alike buying the goods, playing the games, gambling on the raffles and enjoying excellent tea and cake on the lovely lawn of Huntsmans House to the accompaniment of steel band music.

Thanks to your generosity, takings were a shade under a £1000 which means after paying a few expenses, the church and the village hall share about £900.

Our thanks go to all our helpers who gave so willingly of their time and to Louise and Nick Wells for allowing us to hold the fete in the grounds of their home.

As if to say, “times up”, almost on the stroke of 4 o’clock, the sky darkened again and a squall hit the village with a terrific downpour – but by then, we did not care. We had achieved what we hoped to and were going home. The gardeners and the farmers were welcome to the weather.

Foxearth & Liston History Society – Visit to Bletchley Park

There are a few places left on the Foxearth Local History Group outing to Bletchley Park, (Historic site of secret British code breaking activities during WWII and birthplace of the modern computer.)

The guided tour (included in your admission price) will take about one and a half hours and will cover all the main points of interest around the site and tell the story of how the Enigma and Lorenz codes were broken during WW2.

Date: Tuesday 9th August

Price: £25 including admission (subject to 49 members & friends)

Bus leaves Foxearth Village Hall 8.30am

To Book / get more information before these are offered to other village local history groups contact:

Alan Fitch (01787 311913) or Clare Mathieson (01787 311337)

Please Note: There is a fair amount of walking involved and you cover approximately a mile

with stops throughout. If you have trouble walking please let one of us know, as

wheelchairs are available if needed. They work on a first come basis.