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Planning Application 11/00548/FUL

Planning Consultation 11/00548/FUL

Claypit Hall Claypits Lane Foxearth Halstead Essex CO10 7JD

This application is for an extension to an application first granted under no. 08/00695/FUL

More information is available at the Braintree DC Planning Portal by taking the following link and entering the application number above.

Foxearth and Liston Royal Wedding Street Party

Foxearth and Liston Royal Wedding Street Party

Friday 29th April 2011

You know how it is, from little acorns and all that. Well, during the clearing up process following the 2010 new year’s party, everyone having had such a good time, someone said “so what shall we do as our next social event?” and some idiot said “let’s do a street party for the royal wedding”. So it was that the seed was sown and we were off and running.

Meetings were held to discuss how it would work, who would do what where and when. The date was easy but the timing, in order to ensure that everyone could watch the wedding on the tele, was not. Who would come and how would we make sure everyone in Foxearth and Liston knew about it? We also needed some other events to make sure there was entertainment suitable for everyone.

It was decided that every house in Foxearth and Liston would be called on and not just to put a flyer through the door but to knock and talk to as many people as possible encouraging them not just to attend but to bake a cake and bring it along. This did mean a lot of long walks and late nights to ensure everyone got the message.

While all this was going on, other members of the team were investigating how we would get permission to close Mill Road, who we needed to contact and how much it would cost. After several attempts it all came good. We got the necessary permission and we were all systems go.

We agreed we would sell teas and cakes, have face painting and fancy dress and let’s put bunting all down Mill Road and how do you get hold of that much bunting? We needed some kiddies’ games as well, oh! and let’s have a game of rounder’s and then finish with a tug-o-war.

Well all that work needed a lot of help and all in all we ended up with an entire army from those lending and making bunting to people providing table cloths and donating money to helping fund the outgoings, to making children’s games, sweeping the road and heaven knows what else.

The night before the event was also going to require a lot of help and we had massive support here too. We had helpers tying ribbon on chairs, sticking flags in pots of sand and undertaking many other tasks too numerous to mention here but I don’t think I have ever seen so many helpers and such great village support. So a huge thank you to you all.

The Day

By 9.30 am Mill Road Foxearth was closed. The army of helpers had returned and we swept into action. Tables were laid, chairs were fetched and carried, the tent and power for the band was set up and the bunting strung across the street. It was all done and dusted by 11am and then the place became deserted as everyone went home to watch the wedding.

The weather held, the sun came out and so did the residents. One or two started to arrive soon after 1pm (I am told that many would not leave their tv’s until they had seen “that kiss”) and then the questions started. Have we got too many places? Will it look silly with some empty chairs? We needn’t have worried. As the street started to fill and more and more residents and their guests took their places, extra tables and chairs had to be found and by 2pm more than 250 people were eating their picnics and enjoying the jazz played by the Victory Band and children were enjoying the games that had been placed alongside the tables.

After 2 hrs the band finished playing and all the children of Foxearth and Liston received their medals or mugs to commemorate the day and the winners of the fancy dress were announced. There were so many entries for the cake competition that it had to be split into different categories. Once the winners had been announced the cakes were sold on to the highest bidders. Many thanks to Pat James for her judging skills and of course to all those residents who made them. I can only say, if we ever do it again, that I would like to be a tasting judge as they all looked so great.

Then, when the bloke on the PA had finally shut up, everyone moved to the fields where a 30-a-side game of rounders took place cheered on by over one hundred people sitting on the side lines. A huge thanks to Gary Wardrop for organising the games and keeping everyone under control.

So on to the final event, the tug-o-war. It is not often than you get so many volunteers joining a tug-o-war team but we were spoilt for choice with almost everyone attending wanting to have a go. Some decided it may be best to remain on the side lines and cheer so it was with the rope full of children and adults at least 30 deep that the pull commenced. After a best-of-three win was disputed because of a minor slope in the field, a pull-off was undertaken in the other field and still Ross Wardrop’s team went down!!.

It really was a day to remember for all. The proceedings finished a 5pm with a massive cheer for both the royal couple and everyone from Foxearth and Liston.

There are really too many people involved to mention them all and we are grateful to everyone who helped in whatever way, from donating money to helping make teas and coffees or to being on the end of a broom. It could not have happened without you. However, I must mention just a few people who really do need to have their names in print.

Ali Smith has been the driving force behind us and the one who kept the pressure on. I am sure Ali will have spoken to every one in Foxearth and Liston to make sure you were all aware of the event. I also need to mention Lorna Savage for all her hard work in getting permission to close the road and sorting out signage and flags etc. and Yvette Waller for making sure it looked great on the day.

I hope that no one will take offence if I have not mentioned them by name but it really was a village effort and the people who made it happen were all 250 of you who made the effort and turned up.

Thank you all for making it such a great occasion for Will and Kate and may they live happily ever after.

Bob Waller

We would also like to acknowledge all Bob’s hard work in making this event such a great success.

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