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PCC Foxearth

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL, ANNUAL MEETING to be held in Foxearth Church on Monday 28th March at 6.30pm All most welcome.

Roger Messer, Val Hastie, Churchwardens.

Litter Pick Saturday 26th March

A litter pick is being organised for Saturday 26th March 2011.

Volunteers are asked to assemble at Foxearth Village Hall at 2pm.

Foxearth & District History Society AGM

The Foxearth and District Local History Society held its 12th Annual General Meeting on
8th March 2011; there were 16 members present. Chairman Alan Fitch reported a successful year of activity, an innovation being the establishment of a “Friends of the Society”. The Committee was exploring the possibility of forging closer links with other societies. He thanked the Committee, officers and members for the various ways they had helped mentioning particularly the support given by President Ashley Cooper and the work of David Busby in securing a substantial grant from the Grass Roots Foundation.

Treasure Justine Corney presented the financial statement. During the year a major purchase had been a computer. All earmarked funds were in a satisfactory state of solvency. The programme of events for the next 12 months was outlined and Secretary Clare Mathieson urged members to “sign up” as soon as possible for the outing to Bletchley Park on 9th August. It would be necessary to fill a coach to make the venture viable and a £5 deposit on booking would be required.

A vote of confidence in the committee and officers was represented by their re-election en bloc.

The rest of the evening was taken up with presentations by members of items of antique or general interest which they had been invited to bring along. Sue Fenner showed a very early framed photograph of a little girl – identity unknown – thought to have been taken by the daguerreotype method. Then Margaret Nice handed round a pewter teapot bought by her mother in Singapore in 1942 from a shop owner selling off his damaged wares after a Japanese air raid: on the fall of the city the pot had accompanied Margaret and mother as they made their escape to Australia and eventually back to the UK after the war. Jackie Robins produced, from her collection, a beautiful little wooden box with a mother-of-pearl inlay; this was thought to have been originally used for tobacco. The Chairman revealed hidden depths and expertise in antique silverware as he showed and explained some of his silver spoon collection dating back 240 years. Brian Dunt – a visitor from Colchester – described the circumstances in which he had obtained a fascinating account made by American air personnel of sorties over Europe in 1945. On the wall of a hut had been written dates, destinations, details of weather conditions, resistance encountered and casualties sustained. The hut had been relocated to Wormingford and the section extracted and framed by Brian. Lastly Ashley Cooper wound up the proceedings by showing a piece of flint and explaining its formation some 70 million years ago. He also reminded members that 2012 would be the 100th anniversary of Capt. Oates courageous valedictory walk into the blizzard in the Antarctic and talked about the family’s association with the area through their home at Gestingthorpe.

The session ended with the customary cheese and wine refreshment.
Next meeting – Tuesday April 12th at 8pm Ray Brazier – RAF Castle Camps

Ken Nice