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Notice of Christmas Services at Foxearth Church

12th December, 5.00pm Decorating the Christmas Tree and Christingle
24th December, 11.30pm Midnight Mass.

An Appeal from Fr Eoin Buchanan

I am in the process of writing a dissertation for my Masters Degree in Rural Ministry. As part of that paper I am looking at the history surrounding the church’s relationship with the village community in Foxearth. There seems to be a lot of information readly availble surrounding the rise and fall of the brewing business in Richard Morris’s excellent book “Foxearth Brew”. However, similar information regarding the establishment and eventual closure of Foxearth School is not so easy to find. If anyone would be willing to spend some time talking to me about the history of the school I would be extremely grateful. You can cotact me at home on 01787 277850, on my mobile 07766 605489 or by email at (where does “okyan” come from? It is probably the earliest form of my surname, “Buchanan!).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Fr Eoin Buchanan (Parish Priest)

Foxearth 100 Club November winners

1st Prize heather Whiffen

2nd Prize Peter Warton

3rd Prize Philip Savage

4th Prize Neville Ling

Thank you to all those taking part, and good luck for next month