Peking to Paris – The latest from Harry Jurgens.

Kazakstan-023-300x225We’re happy to see our ranking has improved and we’re now ranking 12 in our class position, and up to 36 from the low 40′s overall. It is tempting to push the car to go faster, but it is more important to us to arrive in Paris on our own, not on a flatbed truck. There’s still a lot of driving and challenges ahead.

The last days have been very interesting as we’ve traveled through Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. We hired a guide to show us the old city of Samarkand, which was very interesting. It was fascinating that they make an effort to restore their old buildings. Imagine if the Colosseum in Rome had been rebuilt.

We now journey into Iran for 3 days. We’re official guests of the Auto Club in Iran. Men, as well as women, must have their legs and arms covered. There is absolutely no alcohol allowed in Iran, so all wine, beer, vodka, etc, etc. had to be consumed before leaving Turkmenistan.

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