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Peking to Paris – Into Mongolia & Lessons

September 12th, 2010IMG_0079-300x225

It seems that if the car makes it through the first few days, there is a good chance it will make it through the entire rally. We’ve had no major car problems, so we should be o.k. Just a few adjustments. Today we made some adjustments to the nozzles in the carburetor, the car seems to run smoother.

Lesson # 1 – Read the updates and daily bulletins. The first day, we drove according to the book and found ourselves off course. There were detours and other changes made that we would have known if we’d read the bulletins. Now we know. In one of the pictures you’ll see “Is this the road to Paris?” It wasn’t! Read the bulletins!

Lesson # 2 – Hold on to the Route Book. On the back of the Route Book is a 2-sided page to use if you stop your car for any reason. On way side is “OK” which means you’ve just stopped for something minor, to rest, or to pick up something. On the other side is “SOS” which means you need help. Displaying this sign will let other passing drivers know if you need help. Today we stopped to make a minor adjustment to the car, so we displayed the “OK” sign. Problem was, when we started again we forgot to take the book with us inside the car! Fortunately another driver saw what happened, and picked up our book, which we’ll retrieve tomorrow morning. So, hold onto your book!

This is tiring, and we’re ready for a good night’s sleep after driving and navigating strange roads. Tonight is our first in tents and sleeping bags. I do have to say, however, it looks a little nicer than the earlier hotels.

Tomorrow on to Ulaanbataar, and then a rest day.
Stay tuned.

Peking to Paris.

In a once in a lifetime adventure, a Foxearth resident, Harry Jurgens, is taking part in the 4th Peking-to-Paris event, that retraces the steps of 11 pioneering automobile adventurers in 1907.

He will be starting in Peking (China) on September 11th, 2010 and driving over 14,000 kms over rough terrain for 37 days to reach Paris (France) and are travelling in a 1925 Buick Roadster which has been restored specifically for the event.

We hope to keep you posted with regular updates as to his progress. Watch this space.

Tour of Britain puts Foxearth on the Map

If you haven’t heard yet, this year the Tour of Britain Cycle Race will be passing through Foxearth at just after 11am on Friday 17 September 2010.

Several villagers are intending to cheer the contestants on by congregating in front of the village hall. If you are thinking of watching the race why not join us and turn the occasion into an event.

If you want more information you can go to

Hope to see you there.