C Flux (Chairman),C Cox, M Nice, K Nice, N Oakes and P Highmore. In attendance was N Harley (District councillor) and P Corney (Clerk). There were 4 residents present.

1 Declarations of Interest

M and K Nice declared an interest in the flooding issue. C Cox declared an interest in street cleaning.

2 Apologies for absence

D Finch

3 Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 9th June 2010 have being circulated were agreed and signed as a correct record.

4 Matters arising

The telephone box adoption – The clerk was asked to write to BT to ascertain the current situation as the village is anxious to retain the box.

5 Highways

The finger posts at Claydens and Huntsmans Lane had still not been repaired. The clerk reported that he had spoken again to ECC highways. The clerk was asked to contact them again. A further pothole was reported by the turn to Pentlow and the clerk was asked to report this also..

6 Community Warden Report

No report.

7 Public Questions

Mr Busby raised the question of the positioning of the public question time slot on the agenda. He considered it should be towards the end of the meeting when actions taken could be discussed. The council believed that the present position was correct and if it was moved there would be further discussions about decisions already taken

8 District Councillors Report

Cllr Harley reported that BDC faced its most challenging budget for many years. The council is going through all its statutory obligations and then ranking other obligations on the basis of information from the public. It is anticipated that there will be a minimum reduction of 20% in council staff. Concern was expressed regarding the possible loss of the Parish Support Grant which amounts to more than 20% of the PC income. The possibility of merging BDC with other councils to obtain back office savings is under review.

He had spoken to Lee Crabb about the flooding. The culvert at Lower Hall will be opened on 25th or 26th August to remove the tree roots and the culvert will be left open. The earmarked funds of £14000 will be used to meet the cost of this.

9 County Councillors Report


10 PROW and P3

The proposed gates on the path between Chapel House and Mrs Brand’s field have had to be changed and a new licence required. The work will be completed in due course. The footpaths officer is in negotiation with the owner of Foxearth Hall regarding the stiles on his land.

11 Correspondence

The letter from BDC regarding battery recycling collection boxes was discussed. As there is no suitable site for such a box no action is to be taken. The clerk was asked to write to the Minister of State for Transport in support of Stop Stanstead Expansion and its ‘Never Again’ campaign

12 Planning

Planning matters already circulated:

2 Mill Road Treeworks – approved

Huntsmans Cottage – refused

13 Financial Matters

The cheques drawn since 9th June 2010 as shown below were approved.

The accounts for the year ended 31st March 2010 have been approved by the internal auditor and submitted to the Audit Commission.

14 Public Transport

The Wednesday bus is being well used. The village agent is involved in this is also doing well in her other duties.

15 Village Sign

There was a good turnout for the rededication of the village sign on 30th July when about 75 were present. An email had been received from a family in New Zealand expressing satisfaction together with a letter of thanks from the Chapman family who financed the original sign.

16 Neighbourhood Watch

C Cox drew attention to the latest information circulated which highlighted the seasonal crimes of thefts from garden sheds, stealing of car keys and distracting shoppers in supermarket carparks.

17 Appointment of new Parish Clerk

It was proposed by N Oakes and seconded by K Nice that J Geddes be appointed Parish Clerk with effect from 16th August 2010. K Nice asked the existing clerk to record in the minutes the councils appreciation for his good works over the last three years and wished him every success in the future.

18 Matters arising from the Village Meeting

It was agreed to endorse any action undertaken by residents of Liston in respect of speeding down Liston Lane. The clerk reported that he had spoke to R Douglas-Hughes regarding the siting of further dog litterbin in Lime Walk. He had no objection and the new clerk was authorised to place the order.

19 Greenfields Housing Association

C Cox reported there had been further problems between a tenant and the association which could have lead to an eviction. She had now received a copy of the Tenants Handbook and it was agreed that a letter should be written to the tenants offering friendly advice particularly in relation to Section 6 of the Handbook which defines the rights and obligations of tenants.

20 Any other business

K Nice reported that the standing orders regarding a quorum were ambiguous and new model standing orders had been issued in June and the new clerk was asked to obtain copies from EALC.for all councillors. The new MP for Braintree Brooks Newmark has expressed a wish to attend one of the Parish Council meetings which would have to be on Thurday or Friday. So far it had not been possible to find a suitable date. Brooks Newmark should suggest a date that would be convenient for him and the council which change the meeting date accordingly.

At this point K Nice and M nice left the meeting

21 Flooding

The chairman reported that he had written to Brooks Newmark and Cllrs Finch and Harley to hold the promised funding until 31st March 2011. Cllr Finch had indicated that this would be done. The Chairman had had a meeting with Jan Taylor form BDC and Mr Percival regarding the opening of the culvert to clear the blockage and leave it open to assist drainage. There will a safety cover over it. The flooding arises from surplus water from the artesian wells. The Environment Agency is liable for flooding from artesian wells. The objective of the work is to remove the area of most severe blockage. Both ECC and BDC are anxious not to create a precedent which would leave them with further liabilities in the future.

22 Dates of next meetings

Thursday 14th October 2010 , Wednesdays 8th December 2010 and 9th February 2011. The meeting closed at 8.55pm


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