Oil Buying Group Extends Coverage

The local Oil Buying Group is being extended to Borley & Pentlow.

1. Do you live in Borley, Foxearth, Liston or Pentlow
2. Do you use oil for central heating?
3. Do you have an internet connection (or a kindly neighbour so connected who will pass messages for you)?
4. Are you a member of the oil buying group?

If you can answer yes to the first three but no to the fourth do you know what you are missing?

It costs nothing to join the group and there are no fees to pay at any time. You just pay for the oil you order at the price negotiated on behalf of members. This is lower than the price you can get on your own as we order in bulk and get preferential rates.

In the period since we started in Feb’01 we have ordered over 800,000 litres at an average saving of up to 5 pence per litre. That’s a saving of over £40,000 for club members or £50 on an order of 1000 litres. Order as much or as little (minimum 700 litres) as you want, as many times as you want throughout the autumn, winter and spring and once in the summer as required
For more details or to join please contact Barrie Phillpotts:-
e-mail:- barrie.phillpotts@cbb4u.co.uk

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